Monday, October 2, 2023

How to Remove Pellets from Pit Boss? Few Simple Steps

Maybe you want to try some new flavor of pit boss pellets or want to do deep cleaning of your grill. In both cases, if you want to learn how to remove pellets from pit boss, you are in the right place.

There is no right or wrong in changing the pellets from your pit boss; it’s just that some people argue that changing the pellets is the right decision, others avoid changing it.

I will try to walk you through a few simple steps so you know how to empty pellets from the pit boss by putting in minimum effort.

How to Remove Pellets from Pit Boss Grill?

Removing pellets from the pit boss grill requires some effort, and you have to do it if you feel the need. Some experts never change the flavor of their pellets for all of their cooks, while others change the flavor because of the taste they feel.

As mentioned above, there is no right or wrong in changing the pellet from pit boss. So, in continuation of our discussion, let’s see how to remove pellets from the pit boss grill.

Many beginners and novices inquire how to remove pellets from pit boss vertical smokers. We will learn about pit boss hopper clean out in detail by following some basic steps in this article.

Process of Emptying Pellets from Pit Boss

The first and most important rule of every electrical outlet is to unplug it before working on it. Because if accidentally got ON, the unspeakable thing can happen in no time.

Once you finish your work, you can plug it back in. After reading this article, I’m sure you would be able to clean the pit boss, and you never have to google how to remove pellets from the grill again.

Step 1: Place a Bucket

When you open the pellet door of your pit boss, the pellets will start falling on the floor. Using a bucket will help you in storing the pellets safely until you need them again. It is time to add new pit boss pellets because you can’t use a grill without pellets.

Step 2: Remove Plastic Flap

You need to remove the plastic flap on the back of the hopper. To do that, you don’t need any additional gears; you can use your fingernails for the job. The plastic flap comes out easily without making too much effort.

Step 3: The Screw

Once you finish removing the flap, you must loosen the screw, which is usually placed above the flap.

Step 4: Withdraw the Liver

At this moment, you should withdraw the lever. It is the main component that prevents the pellets from falling out of the hopper. You are going to need the lever so keep it safe.

As soon as you remove the lever, the pallets will start dropping out of the hopper in your bucket.

Step 5: Remove the Remaining Pellets

The bulk of the pellets will drop from the hopper itself, but you have to make a little effort to clean the hopper thoroughly. Then, you can stick your hand in to collect the remaining pellets in the pit boss.

Still, you will see that a few pellets will remain, and you will be able to get them out. However, it is expected, because of the grill’s safety cover, it is not possible to remove that minimal amount of pellets.


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