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A Career in Digital Marketing

Before creating your career in the digital marketing industry, you should first understand what is digital marketing, what types of jobs are there in digital marketing, what skills are required to become a digital marketer, and how to start your digital marketing career? Visit Job Search in the UK if you need job in any field. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing (online marketing, internet marketing, or web marketing) is a marketing component that uses the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers and promote products and services.

What Types Of Jobs Are There In Digital Marketing?

If you have planned to start your career in the sphere of digital marketing, it’s definitely the right decision. This is because there is a lot of different positions in this arena, each of which is quite varied in terms of required skills and abilities. 

Below are some of the jobs that fall under the digital marketer category:

  • Content writer/ Copywriter
  • Growth Marketing Manager
  • SEO and SEM, SMM Specialist 
  • Analytics manager
  • UX/UI Designer 
  • Visual Designer
  • Email marketing manager
  • Social media manager
  • Brand Manager
  • E-commerce specialist
  • PPC specialist
  • Digital marketing manager

What Skills are Required to Become a Digital Marketer?

Digital marketing skills open up exciting opportunities for both individuals and businesses. As customers become smarter and technology accelerates, digital marketers need more creativity and communication management skills to drive digital marketing campaigns and effectively promote a business.

Here are some skills to help you become a digital marketer:

  • Copywriting skills. Copywriting is a different skill from other writing because you should be able to write valuable content with a limited number of words.
  • SEO skills. You should know how to create and promote useful content, effective directory listings, and how to structure and protect your website.
  • PPC skills. You should know which keywords to target, the best channel and ad format(s) to use, as well as how to create a cohesive experience for your audience.
  • Email marketing. You should know how to write copy, send useful content, updates, offers, event invitations.
  • Design Skills. As a digital marketer, you should know how to create and edit your own visuals.

How to start a career in Digital Marketing?

In recent years there is an increased demand for digital marketing jobs worldwide. And that’s because digital marketing is everywhere and in everything.

Here are some tips you can follow to start a career in the digital marketing industry:

Constantly learning 

One of the best ways to distinguish in the job market is to show your desire to learn. Companies are looking for digital marketing professionals who can adapt quickly to change and come up with innovative and creative ideas. As most of the work you’re doing is connected to the web, online courses are useful tools for developing the digital marketing skills employers want.

Get Certification

Take the time and effort to adopt all digital marketing terminology and earn a certificate confirming your investments in learning are worthwhile. Getting industry certification will help you to find better-paying jobs, get more interest from more successful digital marketing companies.

Find an internship

As the field develops and changes very quickly, many employers prefer candidates with practical experience. While some digital marketing positions may require a high degree, you can get started in entry-level digital marketing with internship experience.

Practice your Personal Projects

Digital marketing careers present you with a unique opportunity to innovate and be creative. You can use your project (blog, webpage) as a way to try out different marketing strategies, learn about basic web design and development, grow viewership, and start gathering and interpreting main digital marketing metrics. 


Use social media to integrate into the digital marketing groups, meet new and influential people working in the same field, make constructive connections, attend professional events and conferences, find mentorship programs.

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