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Being An Event Designer: Supplier of All Types of Textiles

Fabrics aren’t the only ones with a variety of choices there are textiles too. But still, in the making of textile, we need fabric to make it happen. Choosing different types of fabrics or textiles can also be considered as fashion because we are having a decision making on what type of fabric or textile should you use in the making. Different textile designers also research different fabrics for them to know the usage, advantages, and disadvantages of every fabric. 

There are three different types of textile design there are; printed textile design, woven textile design, and mixed media textile design in which it can be found in a fabric supplier in your country. Each different type of textile design utilizes a method to produce a surface ornament fabric that is variable uses to the market. 

Printed textile design

In printed textile design there is also a different style of printing and methods of printing. But the process of this textile design is decorating different types of fabrics by applying pigments dyes or other related materials that can form a pattern in it. In printing different designs some printings styles are classified into three; direct, discharge, or resist. But there are four main methods in textile printing; block, roller, screen, and heat transfer printing.

Roller printing could also be classified as direct painting due to its process which is a modern printing machine that is smooth running. In block printing, the process is stamping ink-dipped blocks on a different type of fabric in this way you have absolute control over the colors, motif, or design you want to put into it. In this way, you could also create a unique fabric on your own. This method I’m going to mention is just like ironing it is because you’ll be transferring a design from paper to the fabric using heat and pressure and this is the heat transfer method. This last method of printing I’m going to mention is a popular printing method it is because it is a long-lasting and versatile one. Screen printing is a process in which you press a spot of ink through a mesh screen for you to create a printed design that you desire. This is also known as silkscreen printing. 

Woven textile design

This is a textile design that any type of fabric or textile is formed in weaving. This type of textile design can be formed by the interlacement of two sets of threads, namely, wrapt or weft threads. In this textile design, there are different methods of weave representation; the interlacing is warp over overlap in which is above weft and also the weft overlap in which is above wrap. If there is interlacing there are also practical methods which are linear and canvas. But we are not going to talk about the method we are going to talk more about the classification which is; simple and compound structure. 

The simple structure can also be classified as plain weave wherein it is one of the simplest woven structures but even if it is the simplest it is also hard to perfect it. This structure also gives the fabrics a balance with an equal amount of horizontal and vertical threads. Meanwhile, compound structure involves more than two sets of elements and it is manipulated in different pathways to create a design.

Mixed media textile design

This textile design is a modern type in which it is a combinatory nature that means all patterns and designs of the fabrics or textile are made of anything. This is also an experimental area in the textile and fibers art world. The different artist uses different ways to show their design and with this textile design, they can create a unique pattern or design to show to the people with different types of fabric or textile. 


As an event designer and being a supplier of all types of textiles, you should also know the different textile designs for you to know what type of designed textile you should use in your event. You should also know the process and how it can affect your event in choosing a design to display for you to be more confident in your design in any type of fabrics you choose. 

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