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Bak Kwa Recipe

Bak Kwa (Chinese Pork Jerky) is an unquestionable requirement for the Chinese New Year. Make your own utilizing only a couple of straightforward fixings and for a portion of the expense. A plateful of skinny Bak Kwa. Bak Kwa is the Hokkien (Fujianese) word for dried meat. It is more similar to slender cuts of grilled pork jerky. Dissimilar to hamburger jerky which is generally got dried out to eliminate the dampness in the meat, Malaysian Chinese style pork jerky is clammy and barbecued flawlessly over charcoal fire.

Bak Kwa for Chinese New Year

A while ago when I was a youngster, Bak Kwa was just accessible during the period paving the way to the Chinese New Year. The heavenly fragrance of grilled meat saturating the air adds to the fervor and expectation of the merriments to follow. Like all unique food sources accessible just one time each year, it was an expensive treat. All things being equal, individuals only from time to time made Bak Kwa at home.

A Homemade Treat for the Overseas Chinese

Today, Bak Kwa is accessible all year in Kuala Lumpur and costs have taken off. During the Chinese New Year, costs are considerably more steep. It seems OK to set it up at home for a portion of the expense. For us here in the American Midwest, the custom made rendition is the main choice. Meat items are not permitted into the country by means of the air terminals and I have not seen any being sold at the Asian business sectors.

Two Versions of Bak Kwa

There are two renditions of Bak Kwa.

 The first is chewier in surface with noticeable pieces of daintily cut pork in it.

 The other is more delicate in light of the fact that it is made absolutely with minced (ground) pork. I for one favor the main adaptation however for the home cook, the minced (ground) pork variant is more straightforward to accomplish.

From previous experience, it is smarter to utilize minced (ground) pork with around 20% fat substance to get that marginally clear surface when held to the light. I had a go at utilizing extremely lean pork once and was frustrated with the outcomes. The surface was excessively hard and thick. Likewise, extending a far even layer of meat on the material paper makes a difference. Mine were on the slender side. 3mm to 4mm is presumably great.

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