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Atta Halwa Recipe

Basic atta halwa made with entire wheat flour, ghee and sugar. This quintessential Indian pastry was
Atta halwa is one pastry which I grew up eating as my mother made it all the time in her kitchen.
It’s a basic treat made with atta (entire wheat flour), sugar and ghee. You just need these 3 fundamental fixings to make atta ka halwa.
I would continuously explicitly demand my mother to make atta ka halwa for me. In those days, I didn’t really like sooji halwa, which is one more famous halwa made in Indian families often.
It’s a pudding made with entire wheat flour.
This halwa is made with essential fixings and that is the explanation mother generally made it at whatever point I asked her (and additionally on the grounds that she cherished me so much:)

           The three essential elements for Atta Halwa are:

Atta: entire wheat chapati flour which my mother utilized regularly to make roti/chapati.

Sugar: another storage space staple
Ghee: and obviously most Indian houses truly do have ghee constantly.
No doubt about it three fixings and great pastry prepared in a matter of moments. What’s not to cherish?

Instructions to Make Good Atta Halwa

Here are a few valuable focuses to remember while making aate ka halwa.

Utilize great quality ghee: since the kind of the halwa depends such a huge amount on ghee, it’s really smart to utilize an unrivaled quality ghee.
Natively constructed or locally acquired, utilize the one which you believe is generally delightful.
Utilize a thick base container: it’s smart to utilize a thick base dish to make this halwa so that the atta doesn’t consume as you cook it.
Be extremely cautious since, in such a case that you consume it then the last taste will be ruined.
Cooking the atta until it becomes brown: you really want to broil the atta in ghee on medium-low intensity until it becomes brown in variety and discharges that decent nutty fragrance.
The last shade of the halwa will precisely be same as the shade of the atta subsequent to cooking.
My mother’s halwa was generally dull brown in variety thus I cook my atta until it turns that shade and afterward add the water.
Obviously, be mindful so as not to consume it. I simmered for around 6 to 7 minutes on medium intensity to get that tone.
Mix continually to stay away from protuberances: when you add the water, you need to consistently mix. Atta halwa can be extremely uneven on the off chance that you don’t do that.
I recollect mother continuously letting me know that atta halwa necessities to blended consistently else you will not get a smooth halwa.
My mother’s atta halwa had no add-ins so I haven’t added anything here all things considered.
There are no nuts or raisins except for you can add them assuming you like. I decorated the halwa for certain slashed cashews for show.
I have added a spot of cardamom powder yet that is likewise discretionary, go ahead and skip it.
atta halwa served in 2 rectangular plates with one of them having a spoon

Serving Suggestions

1. I love to eat this halwa straight out of the dish.
2. It’s best served warm.
3. Assuming you have extras and you refrigerate it, you can microwave to re-heat it.
4. The halwa turns out to be extremely strong in the cooler since all the ghee hardens.
5. You can likewise re-heat in a dish, cover with the container with a top or plate so that

6. steam dissolves the ghee and it turns out to be delicate once more.


1-Melt ghee in a skillet on medium intensity.
2-Once the ghee liquefies, add atta to it.
3-And blend to consolidate well with the ghee. In the mean time heat 1 cup water in a dish on another oven. You need to the water to bubble hot when you add it to the ghee-atta blend. So keep it all set.
4-Continue to mix the atta and cook until it becomes brown in variety and gives a pleasant smell, take around 6 to 7 minutes on medium intensity.
5-Add the boiling water now. Be cautious as you add it since the halwa will bubble like there’s no tomorrow.
6-Stir persistently briefly as you add the water and the water gets consumed by the flour. Include the sugar and blend.
7-The halwa consistency will become fluid y in the future subsequent to adding sugar. Keep on cooking for 3 additional minutes on medium intensity.Add cardamom powder and blend (discretionary).
8. Mix to blend in the cardamom powder and eliminate dish from heat.
9. Serve atta halwa right away. It tastes best when warm! You might decorate for certain nuts.

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