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Avalakki Recipe

 kahara avalakki is a delicious and most famous breakfast and nibble recipe of karnataka. there are numerous varieties of planning kanda poha across india. today I’m sharing a simple khara avalakki recipe arranged in karnataka.

Maharashtrian style kanda poha are extremely popular and notable to us all. karnataka style poha is additionally much impacted from it. the hot poha with crunchy chomps of groundnut and not to fail to remember the kind of lemon juice makes an ideal breakfast alongside masala chai. we as a rule decorate with some new coconut, but it is totally discretionary.

pohas are glueten free and ready from rice. poha/avalakki is called as straightened rice/rice chips. avalakki is plentiful in nutrients, starches and proteins. it is likewise accepted, rice drops makes a decent enhancement in the event that you are experiencing lack of iron. make your eating regimen more nutritious by adding veggies of your decision.

I have previously shared namkeen chivda and moment poha idli. in the event that you are searching for more bona fide karnataka recipes, look at rava idli, uppitu, bread vada, rava dosa, raagi rotti, akki rotti, oats idli and bajil upkari.


▢2 cups thick avalakki/poha/beaten rice

▢fistful of groundnuts/peanuts

▢½ onion (finely hacked)

▢1 green stew (finely slashed)

▢1 inch ginger (finely hacked)

▢¼ teaspoon turmeric powder

▢½ tsp sugar or as required

▢salt to taste

▢1 tbsp lemon juice

▢scarcely any coriander leaves (hacked)

for treating:

▢1 tbsp oil

▢½ teaspoon mustard seeds

▢½ tsp jeera/cumin seeds

▢½ tsp urad dal

▢touch of hing/asafetida

▢4-5 curry leaves


  1. Splash 2 cups of avalakki/poha in water for around 5 minutes or till they turn delicate yet hold their shape. Channel them and ensure the pohas are handily crushed when you press it.
  2. Heat oil and add mustard seeds, urad dal, jeera and hing. Permit them to pop. Likewise add curry leaves at this stage. ( i dint have curry leaves so i skipped it)
  3. Add peanuts in the container and sear till they become crunchy.
  4. Presently add hacked onions, bean stew and ginger. Pan sear till the onions sweat.
  5. Add turmeric powder, salt, sugar and saute for a couple of moments.
  6. Presently add doused depleted avalakki (poha) and mix on a low fire. Cover and cook for 1-2 minutes on extremely low fire.
  7. Sprinkle a few lemon squeeze and cleaved coriander leaves.
  8. Serve khara poha/khara avalakki hot with curd and combination alongside masala tea.


Decorate with a new ground coconut to build the flavor.

You can on the other hand, add not many cashews rather than groundnuts.

Try not to over drench poha. It will become tacky and doesn’t look perfect.

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Cary Grant
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