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Anarsa Recipe

Customary Anarsa Recipe With Curd is a valid Maharashtrian sweet dish. It is a baked good like tidbit and is produced using drenched powdered Rice, Jaggery or Sugar , Poppy seed and Ghee. It is one of the most well-known desserts made for Diwali Faral.

Anarsa otherwise called Apoopa are made exceptionally during the Adhik Maas and are given with Ghee Deepa as Dana in metal plates and is called Apoopa Dana. My mother by marriage showed how to make it with sugar, rather than jaggery that is all the more ordinarily utilized.

Serve Traditional Anarsa Recipe With Curd as a diwali treat alongside Kesar Shrikhand Recipe and Beetroot and Spinach Nimki Recipe (Namak Para).


1 cup Rice , Soaked for 3 days, changing water ordinary

3/4 cup Caster Sugar

Ghee , to cook

1/2 tablespoon Curd (Dahi/Yogurt)

4 tablespoons Poppy seeds

Instructions to make Traditional Anarsa Recipe With Curd (Apoopa)

  • Change the water consistently. On the fourth day, channel the rice and spread it on a colander.
  • After 2-3 hrs, grind this rice to a fine powder in a blender. (In the event that crushing in a flour plant can permit the rice to dry totally, however assuming crushing at home in a food processor or processor don’t permit the rice to dry out totally, any other way it might require long investment for crushing).
  • To start making Traditional Anarsa Recipe With Curd (Apoopa), wash and absorb the rice water for 3 days.
  • Sifter the rice powder through a fine cross section ( the one utilized for sieving regular flour)
  • Presently gauge this rice powder.
  • The castor sugar to be added must be around 50% of the amount of rice flour.
  • Hold about 50 grams of this rice powder and add the castor sugar in the leftover rice powder and blend well.
  • Add 1/2 tablespoon curd and 1 tablespoon ghee to it and massage the blend.
  • Be cautious while adding curd as option of more curd will make the sugar in the combination to dissolve and the blend will become tacky.
  • Keep the batter covered for 1 day or something like that.
  • Following day take a plate or plastic sheet and sprinkle poppy seeds on it.
  • Presently apply ghee to your palm to stay away from batter staying, squeeze out a little part from the mixture and make little lemon size ball from it and press it delicately on the poppy seeds. Straighten the mixture into a roundel.
  • On the off chance that assuming the batter ball holds its size yet turns out to be too hard subsequent to searing, it implies we need to add little caster sugar to the mixture.
  • Heat sufficient ghee in a profound skillet. Keep the medium fire all through broiling process.
  • Sear the Anarsa in the ghee with the Poppy seeds side up. Continue to sprinkle ghee over the upper side of the Anarsa with the scoop without upsetting the Anarsa. Sear till the Anarsa is brilliant brown. The poppy seeds side of the Anarsa will have a kind of lattice on it whenever it is broiled. Be cautious with the ghee temperature here. Heat it on a medium fire or, more than likely the Anarsa will break.
  • Eliminate the Anarsa and channel the ghee. To deplete the ghee keep the Anarsa in an upward position. Comparably shallow fry rest of the Anarsa , continue to add ghee in the wake of broiling 2-3 Anarsa in the griddle. Cool down all the Anarsa till they become fresh. Store it in a hermetically sealed holder.
  • Serve Traditional Anarsa Recipe With Curd as a diwali treat alongside Kesar Shrikhand Recipe and Beetroot and Spinach Nimki Recipe (Namak Para).
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