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Abandoned Places Near Me Locations To Know About

Abandoned places near me is such a place that is devoid of any living presence in that area. Sometimes people call these areas ghost places or deserted places.

Usually, such places have a significant presence of the building remains and framework such as roads.

Such places become deserted because the economic condition that was the basic sustenance in that area, such as agriculture or industry, failed or ended for some reason.

It can also have gone ghosted because of other natural or man-made calamities such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, government actions, pollution, warfare, the spread of disease and impurity, extended duration of draught, or various nuclear meltdown accidents.

And due to such reasons, people tend to vacate that place and never come back, which leads to such vacancy.

One can find these places creepy because of the fear of the unknown, which means no such existent threat is present over there.

Still, your brain is repeatedly convincing you about the presence of some danger may be due to some concocted stories that one has heard from a few of the localities.

Sometimes the term abandoned or deserted can also be referred to those places which were densely populated once.

Still, now the population has exceptionally decreased because of the lesser availability of jobs and dilapidation.

Few of these destinations have become tourist attractions, such as Dhanushkodi in India, Bannack in the US, Agdam in Azerbaijan, Pripyat in Ukraine, Barkerville in Canada, Craco in Italy, and more.

How To Locate The Nearest Abandoned Places?

Find Them Using The Newspapers

One can easily locate the deserted or abandoned places close by through newspaper columns present in the neighbourhood.

Even when one visits any vacation spot, they can also translate the foreign language newspaper to hold all the sites.

Search Nearby Abandoned Places With On Google, Or Even Google Maps

Just by searching the closest “Abandoned places” in the search box of Google or using the locator by, one can find out about many such places or even try typing some other words like a deserted place, derelict, decay, vacated, etc., in the search panel for finding the buildings or areas.

Advantages of having Google maps on your phone can help you to locate many places, just by typing or searching old decaying or derelict place or near your location has proven to be beneficial.

One can also switch to street-view in Google maps, near their location, to get proper knowledge of that particular site.

Start Exploring Abandoned Locations

Last but not least, the most important step is to explore. One has to show interest in exploring sites because sitting ideally in your house will not bring those places near you. So, buckle up and start exploring!

Here are some of the most cosmopolitan abandoned places in the world. Those which were flourishing with all the lives, luxury, milk, and honey, but something so sudden and unexpected happened that the place was ghosted, never to be inhabited again.

I.M. Cooling Tower, Belgium

This is a majestic tower which, as the name suggests, was used for cooling of incoming water with the wind coming from the bottom and released hot air subsequently. The tower was capable of cooling 480,000 gallons of water.

Hotel Del Salto. Colombia

This marvellous hotel was a lucrative business of tourist attraction due to its location close to 515 ft waterfall, which was a majestic view for the guests but was closed because of the contamination of the Bogota River in the 1990s. It was abandoned till 2012, and after that, it was well renovated and turned into a museum.

Shicheng, China

The word Shicheng means Lion City. The entire city got submerged in Qiandao Lake due to the construction of the 1959 hydropower station of Xin’an River. This is referred to as the first Time Capsule for China as the city is preserved in a way from wind, sun, rain, and erosion and depicts the culture and practices of China very well.

Craco, Italy

This is a medieval village located in Basilicata; this village was abandoned due to various misfortunes like earthquakes to plague, and bad agricultural conditions. After the catastrophic landslides left the town with severe damage, people had no choice but to leave. The village now serves as a backdrop for some films like James Bond’s Quantum of Solace, Kind David, and The Passion of the Christ.

Military Hospital, Beelitz

This sanatorium holds a weird past. It was built by the German National Insurance Institute in 1898 for housing patients suffering from tuberculosis. This place has hosted the Teppichfresser himself Adolf Hitler during the Battle of Somme during WW1 to help him recuperate from injuries.


All the abandoned places close to you have their own story to tell, about how it led to such conditions and whether the narrative of history in that place is an Urban legend or truth.

Crumbling, rotting, and demolished buildings can sound creepy and dangerous to visit, but at the same time, they can be captivating or mesmerizing.

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