Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Never Stop Learning

Learning never needs to end nor should it ever end. With each passing day more and more new information about the world and our past comes to light and it’s important for us to stay up to date. Did you know there was a time when the skin wasn’t considered an organ though today it is or the extent to which World War II has shaped the world as we know it?

Educating oneself is a beautiful process. No matter your age you can always benefit from a little bit of relaxed studying. Plus if you’re an adult you probably don’t need to stress and worry about remembering all the new information you’ve acquired for some test or exam. Sorry kids! You’ll eventually make it to adulthood too.

Thanks to the internet there are tons of opportunities for free online learning. In fact YouTube, one of the most popular video-based platforms around has multiple great channels that you can check out for yourself and your kids:

1. CrashCourse

This channel run by the famous John and Hank Green is extremely popular. Yes that’s right we are talking about John Green who wrote all those famous novels including The Fault in Our Stars. Hank Green has also become a popular figure thanks to his TikTok videos which deliver information in an interesting manner. Overall the two brothers’ channel CrashCourse has gained an immense following with 12.7 million subscribers which testifies to the quality of their content. Information is presented in a well-structured and visually engaging format and it is excellent for a quick review on topics before an exam. The videos are organized into different categories such as Zoology, Outbreak science, geography etc. which makes it easy to find material of your interest.

2. It’s Okay To Be Smart

If you watch some old high school movies you’ll realize that being smart wasn’t a cool thing and you could get labeled a “nerd.” But today nerds are a lot cooler than before: they’re trendy, tech-savvy and their glasses are cool. Clearly, the creator, Joe Hanson, a Ph.D. himself is also a cool nerd and he’s spreading the importance of knowledge with his videos letting kids know that it’s okay to be smart! Joe is an extremely engaging host combining his charisma and humor to make kids think about scientific concepts while also exercising their abstract and mental thinking abilities.

3. Ted-Ed

A household favorite of many, TED-Ed videos are a great resource for lifelong learners. These videos are more geared towards general information rather than more specific academic teaching. Nevertheless, they’re still highly informative for students as TED teams up with professionals and specialists to concisely and accurately explain complex concepts using illustrations. These videos are usually short going up to ten minutes long for the most part which makes them easy to listen to when you’re taking a short break from work or chores.

4. Khan Academy

This American non-profit organization was created by Sal Khan in 2008 with the amazing vision of providing top-notch quality education to all people. Sal didn’t want money and privilege to hold people behind just because they couldn’t afford better educational resources. With different categories such as: science and engineering, arts and humanities, math, chemistry and biology etc. Khan Academy helps students understand basic and complex concepts. No more hitting your head against the wall or giving up! Because even if your parents’ memory of mathematical concepts got rusty and they can’t help you with your homework Khan Academy is there to the rescue.

5. Vox

You might be wondering why Vox is included in this list? Well, yes Vox is generally believed to be a news channel rather than an educational one, but the fact of the matter is Vox is a great source of education for older audiences. Vox is able to use its standing to connect with experts and professionals who explain and discuss various concepts for the everyday ordinary person. Vox’s video’s also consist of that typical Vox-style illustration which helps enhance viewer engagement and understanding.

6. AsapScience

Sometimes science can get real tricky to understand especially when concepts are discussed in a dull manner without real-world examples. Well AsapSCIENCE is here to change that. With fun and interesting facts accompanied by simple hand-drawn illustrations, viewers are introduced to scientific concepts and made to understand them through real-life examples. The relating of theory to practice engages viewers and adds to their interest thereby improving the retention of concepts.

 To Wrap Up…

There’s no reason why we should stop learning and with all the free online resources available today getting access to verified educational information has become easier than ever before. You no longer need to visit the library or carry a bunch of heavy books. All you need is a good internet connection and a device to access an endless source of information. If you think your internet connection isn’t good enough to support streaming these videos or keeps lagging making you lose interest then you should call up Grande Communications customer service to ensure nothing gets in the way of your lifelong pursuit of learning.

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