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A Look at Different Types of Stoves and How to Use Them

Nearly half of Americans cook their meals 36 days a week. Cooking meals from the comfort of your home is not only wholesome but also healthier.

To start your cooking journey you need to invest in a new stove and unlock new culinary possibilities. But the different types of stoves in the market can have you confused.

Below is a comprehensive guide that highlights the different types of stoves and how to use them.

Wood-Burning Stoves

Wood-burning stoves use wood as the major source of fuel. The wood burns and creates a smoky flame ideal for cooking. Wood stoves require a lot of attention as you need to constantly feed the fire with more wood to sustain the flames.

  • These old-fashioned stoves are more feasible if you can easily access wood. To use a wood-burning stove:
  • Build and light a fire using paper and small bits of wood
  • Continue adding large logs to keep the fire going and bring the stove up to temperature
  • Control the air vents to efficiently burn the wood
  • Maintain the fire by adding more logs while regulating the air vents

Electric Stoves

Electric stoves use electricity to produce heat. They do not have an open flame, reducing the risk of leakages or fire hazards. While they are slow to heat up compared to gas stoves, they’re more convenient and eco-friendly.

What’s more, electric stoves will keep your kitchen cooler while you cook. They are also easier to clean. When looking for an electric stove, you can opt for one with a coil or smooth cooktop.

Operating an electric stove is very simple. Turn the dial on and to your preferred temperature. Your stove will provide steady, constant heat to facilitate your culinary preparation. Turn off the dial once you’re finished cooking.

Since electric cookers take quite a while to cool down, you will have to remove your pot as soon as you turn it off to avoid overcooking your meal.

Induction Stove

An induction stove uses a high-frequency induction coil under the smooth surface of the cooktop to heat your pans with a magnetic field. While they use electricity to generate heat, these stoves operate in a different way.

It uses induction technology. This means it produces energy from a magnetic field below the glass hotplate that transfers heat current to your pan to facilitate cooking.

Cookware is a part of the cooking system. As a result, you can only use magnetic pots and pans with this type of stove. Utensils made of stainless steel and cast iron are ideal.

But those made of aluminum or copper will not work. To cook with an induction stove, turn it on and place magnetic cookware on the cooktop.

Pellet Stoves

Known as one of the greenest forms of solid-fuel heating, pellet stoves produce heat by burning wood pellets. Compared to regular wood, wood pellets help your stove produce less ash. In addition, they are safe and efficient since they don’t give off a lot of smoke.

It’s flexible to fit a pellet stove in your home. You can install it anywhere in your kitchen it vents directly through the exterior wall of a house. It’s easy to use a pellet stove.

Just follow the steps below:

  • Add enough pellets to the stove
  • Plug the pellet stove into a nearby electrical outlet and turn on the electric switch
  • Turn the stove on using the power switch on the stove.
  • Set the preferred temperature and start cooking
  • Switch the power off once you’re done

When shopping for a cooktop, check the energy efficiency, BTU, hopper size, and EPA recommendations to find the best pellet stoves.

Downdraft Stoves

Don’t have enough space in your kitchen for a range hood?

A downdraft stove may be an ideal option. It contains a built-in venting system that allows gas, smoke, and steam from the cooking to be caught and vented outside your kitchen.

Since they eliminate the need for an overhead vent, they are a great choice for small kitchens, kitchen island cooktops, and open floor plans.

For best results, turn on the downdraft ventilation fan for an electric range before the other heating elements. Also place, tall pots near burners closest to the vent when cooking.

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves use natural gas, propane, natural gas or syngas to produce heat. They have a powerful flame that produces instant heat. This type of stove also allows you to control the temperature from high to low, making it easier for you to get desired cooking results.

Gas stoves are also versatile. You can use them to boil, grill, sear, and simmer. If you are looking for a stove that works well with most pans, gas stoves are an ideal choice.

Use an igniter to turn on your gas stove. In case it isn’t functional, turn the gas dial on, then light your match or lighter. Place it close to the center of the gas burner and wait for 3-5 seconds until the ignites

Ensure you remove your hand fast to prevent burn injuries.

Portable Stove

Not every stove is a permanent fixture in a kitchen. You can move portable stoves anywhere you want. When you select them, you can use them for camping trips or serving up picnics. Portable stoves can use gas, charcoal, pellets, or electricity to produce heat.

Coal Stove

Coal stoves use coal to generate the heat needed for cooking or heating. They contain a chimney and firebox made of steel or brass. These features also function as flame retardants.

To use this type of stove, fill it with enough coal. Then, use newspaper or a heat gun to light the coal. Once the coal ignites, you can place your pot on the stove and start cooking.

Choose the Best Types of Stoves for Your Home

Need a cooking stove? The aforementioned guide highlights different types of stoves for every cooking style. Your choice depends on your preferences, convenience and budget.

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