Saturday, November 26, 2022


Similar to tyres, the car battery is regarded as one of the most crucial components of a vehicle. It is where all of your car’s power comes from. If the battery is dead, you won’t be able to start the vehicle. No matter the brand quality, many people bemoan the fact that their automobile battery wears out more quickly than usual. The fact that they are to blame, despite the fact that it is clearly annoying, escapes them. How? In fact, we’ll be talking about that in today’s blog post.


The biggest reason for a rapidly depleted automobile battery is accidentally leaving the headlights on. The headlights on new cars can be set to turn off automatically after a certain amount of time. If your vehicle lacks this feature, turn on the headlights before you put it in parking. In addition to consuming battery power, leaving the headlights on can reduce their longevity.


You can use the infotainment system while the engine is running. If the engine is off and you are watching a movie or listening to the radio, the battery will quickly run out. The cause is that when the engine is off, the alternator does not recharge the battery. As a result, try to avoid utilizing the infotainment system, interior lights, and other gadgets when the engine is off. Last but not least, we do not suggest using the engine to charge electronics like cellphones or PCs.


The battery will exhaust or deplete considerably more quickly if your alternator is not giving it the right amount of power. If your battery is running down more quickly than usual, it is necessary to take the car to the shop. If that isn’t possible, you can employ PitStopArabia’s mobile mechanic service. In fact, we’ll be talking about that in today’s blog post.


Batteries for cars are not designed to withstand extreme cold or heat. As a result, the battery will perform worse as the temperature changes. Extreme temperatures cause lead sulfate crystals to build up, which shortens the battery’s lifespan and causes it to deplete more quickly. The best line of action is to keep the car in good condition and refrain from taking it on lengthy journeys.


As we just said, you should only utilize your car for lengthy journeys. Why? Too many short trips prevent the battery from being able to charge. If this is done repeatedly for a long time, the battery life can be affected. As a result, drain times and morning start-up times for the car may start to lengthen.


If your battery isn’t working properly, we suggest inspecting the terminals. If they are rusty, they won’t be able to charge the battery properly. Ask your local workshop to clean the terminals for you if you are unable to do it yourself. If the terminals are not rusty, they could be loose. Try tightening them. Please wait until the automobile is completely shut off before cleaning or making any adjustments.


If the electrical system in your car is outdated, it could have problems that prevent the battery from charging or make it deplete too quickly. Taking a car to the next shop and asking for a comprehensive electric audit is the only way to be assured. It will reveal the problem.