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6 Does and Don’ts of Writing a Killing Blog Post in 2022 


Blogging is among the most cost-effective and successful marketing methods accessible for company owners and entrepreneurs. To properly use blogging to engage with your audience, earn money, and attract potential customers, you must first grasp certain critical do’s and don’ts.

Are you a new blogger seeking blogging Dos and Don’ts? This blog will help you understand what steps you should do as a newbie blogger to quickly expand and build your site throughout the early stages of your blogging adventure.

These Dos and Don’ts are just meant to point you on the right path when it comes to blogging.

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DO’s to keep in mind while writing a blog 

Make use of powerful titles

Your titles are always the first thing a viewer sees, and they help them decide whether your material is worth reading. Various online tools will assist you in creating effective, attention-grabbing blog titles depending on your topic.

Try to post frequently 

The more often you publish, the better the results you’ll get. Updating your blog with new information at least twice a week is a good goal but posting more frequently is much better. Whatever you decide about the posting schedule just make sure to stick with it. 

Tone of Conversation

Whenever you start to write a blog keep it as if you are communicating with your audience. Make sure to ask relevant and constant questions in your articles. This will make the viewer think critically. Also, your tone should be welcoming and conversational. Also learn about, Duralast Car Battery.

Keep your writing style short 

Instead of the textbook style of lengthy phrases like large paragraphs write short sentences that allow your audience to grasp your message more effortlessly.

  • Include bullet points and 
  • divide your headings into a subheading. 
  • Include notes and facts 

Try to break your blog into little sections that are simple to skim and read quickly. Readers or viewers prefer short information on blogs because they think it won’t waste their time and give them a clear idea about the article. 

Keep it Simple and neat 

Try to write your article in a proper font. Use a good web design with decent colors, that are even visible to the colorblind and other people with eye defects. 

Always proofread 

If you are writing articles or blogs or any writing material make sure to proofread. We usually write our material in a hurry, often leaving gaps and errors. When readers read it and find errors it irritates them, and they end up leaving the page. 

Don’ts to keep in mind while writing a blog

Scattered focus on the topic 

Don’t try to use different topics while writing a single blog. Always keep the focus on the single topic that will match your title. Try to maintain your focus and surround your writing around it.  

Hateful blog posts

Try to avoid writing hate for other bloggers or on different topics. If you want to criticize something, do it in an assertive and ethical manner. Avoid crossing boundaries. 

Buying backlinks 

Try to not engage in unethical methods of blogging in return for money. Creating rich and informative content will result in good backlinks.

Keep it easy to read 

Many people read articles or blogs on the phone because they are occasionally on the go and during that time phone is the only easily accessible companion, they have close to them. So, try to make your article font and style readable for mobile users not only for desktops one. 

An excessive amount of distraction 

Don’t overcrowd your website with advertisements and flyers. Instead, stuff it with wonderful material. Keep it innovative and informative. 

Always keep improving 

If you got 100% familiar with the tips and tricks that doesn’t mean you should stop improving. Always stay open to new things, styles, knowledge, and approaches in your writing journey. 

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Cary Grant
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