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5 Common Causes of Data Loss to Know About

Data loss that happens unexpectedly is an inconvenience that no one likes. It can seem unavoidable sometimes, but some precautions can be helpful to prevent it. But, you need to understand common causes of data loss and follow the precautions to ensure it never happens, or at least you have a backup plan in case it does. Sometimes you can get it from your leisure activities like streaming on a site that is not legit. Thus, always use The PirateBay for your movie online streams, for it is secure. However, you can also lose data from power failure or fires. Thus, you need to be aware of the real risks and how best to avoid them where possible. Most of the common reasons for losing data are in connection with our day-to-day life, in the way we handle, save and store our data. Below are common causes of data loss.

  1. Damaging malware and viruses

Everyone today is connected to a worldwide network. It has its advantages, but computers face various risks due to the many viruses attacking computers daily. Most of the viruses affect operational software and damage stored data. Attacks that target to steal business data are the most dangerous. It affects technical invention, client database, financial transactions, among others. Hackers aim to cover their tracks and hide their real intentions by creating a false impression of failures in the operating system. Thus, ensure you back up your data regularly to ensure you have your data safe. 

  1. Computer theft 
Protecting Salesforce Data Against Data Loss from Human Error - AutoRABIT

Losing data and your computer at the same time is a real tragedy. Burglars can break into your home and steal electronics. Also, there is the danger you can lose your laptop as you travel to an airport, at a coffee shop, conference center, or any other crowded place. Computers cost money, but still, the lost data is more expensive. It may not be of any monetary value, but pictures, personal memories, and other heirlooms are valuable. However, with proper data backup and safe storage, losing a computer is less painful for your valuables, and important information is safe through backup. And you can recover your data even if you do not have your computer anymore.

  1. Accidentally deleting files

A top risk in losing data is deleting files without having any backups available. Deleting and updating files are common activities we do every day. Because of these, sometimes you can accidentally overwrite parts or delete files you did not intend to, and it has become so natural that people do not perceive it as a risk anymore. Yet, the reason people lose this data is that they lack proper backup strategies and workflow procedures. Thus, ensure you have efficient systems, make backups often, and save your work too. 

  1. Mechanical damages of hard drive
Hard Drive Failed Physically - Secure Data Recovery Services

Hard drives are fragile parts of computers as they break down often. Because of the many moving parts inside the hard drives thus why they break easily. You can recover data from a faulty hard drive, but the cost of this service is more than $1000. But, if your hard drive has a more serious problem, even professionals cannot help in data recovery. Hard drives can also be damaged when you drop the computers accidentally. So, if you cannot afford the risk of losing the data you have in your hard drive, a regular backup will be of help if you encounter a hardware issue. 

  1. Damaged from liquids 

Another cause of data loss is damage to computers that happens is spilling coffee and other water damages. Most laptops do not have extra covers to protect internal parts from liquids, but you can buy one. Thus, the liquids cause damage to electronic components, and it is hard to recover them later. Also, you can drop your computer in the water. It can be a flooding experience or your careless by the pool. Unfortunately, it is hard to fix anything once your computer is immersed in water completely. Usually, water accidents cause data loss saved to the hard drive. Therefore, give yourself a complete guarantee your data is safe by making data backups and thinking safe. 

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