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5 Best Dining Deals at Marina Bay Sands

As you take your family for a lunch treat in Singapore’s marina bay sands, there are several foods you don’t want to miss out on. Marina bay sands is a fun zone for an excellent family outing and a restaurant laden harbor to enjoy all the meals you can think of. However, a few are not only memorable but also highly affordable to fit your budget. Here are a few Marina Bay Sands dining deals you should probably try.

1. Rice flake crusted whole lobster

For an impeccable family dinner, you can order one of these meals and make your Marina Bay Sands dining memorable. The meal features an entire crusted lobster accompanied by bell pepper and pineapple fricassee that gets your mouths watering as it’s served on your table. The lobster is also rice flaked to give it a crummy feeling that graces your mouth as you take a satisfying bite. You can wash this meal down with a cold soft drink or wine that you can order separately.

2. Smoked black cod

If you’re a seafood enthusiast, there’s no better meal to dine in than a smoked black cod. The meal features a simple yet the best menu to keep you gushing about long after eating it. The meal is available in most dining restaurants in marina bay, and you can order it for your family to enjoy. What makes this meal special for you and your family is its perfect blend of ingredients that will leave you asking for more. It’s rich in Asian flavors and seasoned with salted Kampot peppercorns and a coriander dressing on top.

3. Chilled ramen noodles

For an impeccable taste of the Japanese menu in the marina bay sands, get a taste of the chilled ramen noodles. The meal comes in different styles, each of which features varied recipes to suit your taste. This noodle fix is usually soaked in hot soup and instantly appetizers with its exceptional aromas that immediately soak the air around you.

4. Boneless Korean chicken wings

This meal offers a quick snack that you can take as a fully satisfying meal when served with a bowl of rice. The bustling natural and added chicken flavors make this meal one of the most tantalizing as you take your family out for a treat in the marina bay sands. What makes it sweeter is that you can have it served in one of the highest hotels and enjoy the fascinating city skylines. Surprisingly, this food doesn’t eat much into your pockets as it’s usually affordable in most Marina Bay Sands dining restaurants.

5. Grilled Fremantle octopus

Another perfect meal for you and your family as you visit the marina bay sands is the grilled Fremantle octopus. It’s incredible seafood and a great source of protein for white meat lovers. You can order it as a complete meal served with some cereals and wash it down with a glass of cold wine or chilled soft drink. This meal is easily affordable as it’s a simple meal yet provokes many memories that you and your family will remember over a long time.


Marina bay sands dining presents countless memorable dining experiences for anyone visiting the place. The marina bay sands is an action-packed zone for unforgettable family fun. Apart from enjoying the fantastic dining experience, you can also get a taste of how luxury and style rolls in.

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