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8 Types of Scaffold You Should Know and When to Use Them

Most construction works require heavy lifting and working in high areas, so it is essential to have a strong Types of Scaffold to use.


There are many different types of materials out there, but only a select few will make sure your project is safe and sturdy.

Most construction works require heavy lifting and working in high areas, so it is essential to have a strong scaffold that every construction worker can feel safe to work on.

What is scaffolding?

Scaffolding or scaffold is mainly used as support or a platform for men in construction. 

Producing this type of platform does not come easy because it must first exceed the safety regulations and standards. It is often built around a building where workers can easily move around high places.

Types of scaffolding

In the construction industry, many types of scaffolding are used, depending on the construction requirements. If you’re an aspiring construction foreman, you must know every kind and its uses to ensure a smooth and safe job for your men.


Steel scaffolding is a good option if you are working on more significant structures and outdoor construction. This type is very easy to assemble and dismantle because couplers easily connect steel tubes. 

In terms of cost, steel scaffolding is a bit pricey, but it can give better durability and a higher level of safety during construction. It is also one of the most common and highly used types of scaffolds in the industry.


If your work is in line with painting buildings and infrastructures, then you should use suspended scaffolding. The platform is highly adjustable. A suspended platform is hanged from the roof, which is tied using ropes or chains.


Like steel scaffolding, kwikstage is also very easy to assemble and dismantle and provides a sturdy, robust, and safe platform for construction workers. It is made from galvanized steel.

You can use kwikstage scaffolding for both small-scale and large-scale construction projects.


This type of scaffolding is also considered one of the most common and most basic types of scaffolding. It is also the oldest method in the construction industry.

Single scaffolding is generally used in brick masonry. It has ledgers, standards, and putlogs connected to the wall.


If single scaffolding is used for brick masonry, double scaffolding is used for stone masonry instead. It is sometimes called “independent scaffolding.” 

Double scaffolding is vital in stone masonry because it is challenging to drill holes in stone walls without extra support. Thus, double or two scaffolds joined together help in creating a solid and sturdy environment.


Cantilever or single frame scaffolding’s structure is made by needles chained together from the holes in the wall. However, unlike other types, the cantilever has limited uses only. You also need to check the system thoroughly before using it.


You can opt for patented scaffolding if you’re looking for something ready to install already. This scaffolding uses steel as its primary material, but the materials are already pre-made and highly accessible in the market.

If you choose to buy patented scaffolding, it is already ready to use, and you don’t need to assemble or disintegrate the platform yourself.


The last but not the least type is the trestle scaffolding. It is an elevated platform supported by movable ladders and tripods underneath. 

If you have an indoor construction project, such as painting or repairs, you can use this type of scaffolding. Its only limitation is that you can’t maximize its usage outdoors because you can only adjust its height to five meters.

It is essential to invest in high-quality scaffolding because you have to maintain safety in the construction environment. Make sure to select the best and most appropriate type of scaffolding for your future construction projects. Hope you love reading about “Types of Scaffold”

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