Saturday, October 1, 2022

3 Reasons You Should Learn Ux Design

UX Design or User Experience Design entails making sure that end user’s journey with website, web applications and product and/or service etc. must be logical, convenient, pleasant and intuitive. In this pursuit, the UX designer has to research, understand and analyze the end user’s motivations, sociology, psychology, needs, behaviour, preferences, values and problems etc. He collaborates with teams from varied departments along with other stakeholders and incorporates this knowledge in his design. Accordingly he develops information architecture, wire-frame along with prototypes and usability tests, thereby offers enhanced accessibility, usability, functionality and efficiency. This helps in building consumer delight, brand perception and loyalty. 

Responsibilities of UX Designer:

  • UX Designer understands the client’s brief, brand values and end users journey and accordingly comes up with a design concept. He works with different stakeholders and converts this concept into a reality.
  • UX Designer gets the competitive as well as market analysis done to identify the trends. He also researches, analyzes & understands the end user and recognizes their inspirations & inclinations, thereby devising an efficient, relevant and functional product.
  • He develops wire frame, Information architecture and Prototypes such that the end customer has an intuitive experience and is able to locate the required information effortlessly. 

3 Reasons for learning UX Design through UX/UI course:

Huge Scope: The pandemic was a catalyst that revolutionized the digitization of the economy. The digital presence in the current scenario has become so imperative that your absence in the online space questions your very existence. Mobile apps and/or websites have become a point of interaction with the world and hence a face of the brand. The demand for UX player’s exploded manifold, since majority of interactions are now happening in the digital world, be it utility bill payments, online education, entertainment, regular household purchases, gaming etc. Following will support the analysis: 

  • Globally there were 1.9 billion websites as on 18th December, 2021
  • There were over 5.1 billion internet users globally spending on an average 6 hours 43 minutes online every day.  
  • In 2022, the Global retail e-commerce sale is anticipated to be $5.4 trillion.
  • By 2026, the Global Gaming market is anticipated to rise to USD 314.40 billion
  • As per KPMG report- In India, by 2025, the online gaming segment is predicted to jump to Rs. 29000 crores growing at a CAGR of 21%.
  • BCG-Sequoia India report pegs net revenue of Indian Gaming Industry at US $ 5 Billion by 2025.

Enhanced Job Opportunities: Being multidisciplinary, UX design involves managing multiple roles including understanding consumer psychology, user research, data analysis, visual design, prototyping, usability testing. Infact his work profile further entails everything from desktop to mobile apps including handling of specialized technologies like Augmented Reality, AI and Virtual Reality etc. besides cooperating with teams from various departments like marketers, developers etc. along with working in VFX industry. 

Facilitate accessibility of technology for everyone.

For even the most basic aspects of life, technology involving complex human-machine interactions has become indispensable. The user experience of each new device addresses unique needs & purposes. This evolving playground will offer great opportunity to UX designers to utilize their problem solving skills, along with their proficiencies in research, experiment and innovation to make technology accessible to everyone.