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Writing a winning persuasive essay

In a persuasive essay, you seek to persuade the reader to accept your position on an issue. For instance, an essay analyzing changes in Italian art during the Renaissance would not be a persuasive essay because there is no argument. However, an essay arguing that Italian art reached its zenith during the Renaissance would be a persuasive essay because you are attempting to convince your audience to agree with your point of view.

Although both persuasive and argumentative essays attempt to persuade readers to agree with the author, there are significant distinctions between the two essay genres.

Argumentative essays provide a more balanced perspective and examine both sides of the subject. Persuasive essays emphasize the viewpoint with which the author agrees. In addition, they often include more of the author’s viewpoint than argumentative essays, which typically use just facts and evidence to support their position.

What Makes a Good Topic for a Persuasive Essay?

You may utilise an excellent subject for persuasive writing and speech preparation. With a persuasive title, public speaking may become much more interesting. One that may function as an amazing speech concept can be found on this page.

A subject is compelling if it meets the following criteria:

It performs its intended function. You must be able to expand on the subject. Determine if conversation and analysis are possible. Ensure ample availability of primary and secondary sources for this purpose. Before deciding on a subject, it is advisable to investigate.

It is interesting to you. Remember that you will be responsible for writing your essay. Therefore, choose something that really interests you. Ensure that you will be able to write about it easily.

It is relevant to your readers. Always consider your audience while writing a paper. Who is the intended audience? Choose a subject that will connect with your audience. Choose something they care about.

4. It’s distinctive. One of the finest things you can do while generating ideas is to remain unique and current. Obviously, it is rather difficult to discover a truly original theme. However, even if the subject is very common, try to find a unique take on it.

How to Write an Essay that Convinces?

Consider the following persuasive writing suggestions while working on such assignments:

• Select an intriguing subject. Choosing a relevant, manageable, and fascinating subject might be challenging, but it is one of the most important factors in determining the success or failure of your essay (if it is not engaging).

• Take a definite stance on a certain issue. Writing a persuasive essay necessitates selecting a certain position to argue for.

• Know your audience. Since the objective of this kind of writing is to convince readers, it is essential to know your audience and their viewpoint in order to write a successful paper.

• Conduct extensive study to uncover potential essay arguments. Then, arrange the arguments in order of validity and importance.

• Employ the strongest and most logical evidence.

• Make it intriguing. Use a captivating hook at the opening to capture your audience’s attention, and do your best to maintain their interest throughout the whole essay.

• Communicate clearly and directly to the point.

Persuasive topics EssayStone

Below are wonderful persuasive essay topics arranged into groups. When a topic piques your attention, you will select a side to advocate for in your essay.

For instance, if you choose the subject, “Should fracking be legal? “, you should: You would pick whether you think fracking should be allowed or prohibited, and then you would write an essay stating why your audience should agree with you.


Should pupils be compelled to learn a musical instrument?

• Was the conclusion of Game of Thrones consistent with the rest of the series?

• Is music an effective treatment for mental illness?

• With the popularity of e-readers, have libraries become obsolete?

• Are the Harry Potter novels more well-known than they merit?

• Should objectionable music be accompanied with a warning label?

• What is the best strategy for museums to attract more visitors?

• Should students be permitted to substitute art or music classes for physical education classes?

• Are the Kardashians positive or negative role models for youth?


• Should individuals in higher tax rates pay more in taxes?

• Should all high school students take a course on financial literacy?

• Is the American ideal achievable, or is it only a myth?

• Is it preferable to spend the summer as an unpaid intern at a reputable firm or as a paid employee at a small store/restaurant?

• Should the United States apply further tariffs or fewer?

Should student debts for college graduates be forgiven?

• Should restaurants remove gratuities and instead increase wages?


Should pupils be taught cursive in school?

Which is more important: physical education or music?

• Is year-round schooling with shorter breaks throughout the year preferable?

• Should schools do away with class rank?

Should sexual education be taught in schools?

• Should students have free access to public universities?

• What is the most effective method for modifying the conduct of school bullies?

• Are the SAT and ACT valid measures of intelligence?

• Should pupils be permitted to study sign language as an alternative to a foreign language?

• Do the advantages of Greek life on college campuses outweigh the disadvantages?

• Does assigning homework improve student learning?

Why do pupils in many other nations do better on arithmetic tests than American children?

• Should parents and teachers be permitted to exclude specific books from school libraries?

• What is the most effective strategy to combat academic dishonesty?

• Should universities consider an applicant’s race when making admissions decisions?