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Why Is Facebook Not Functioning? 9 Solutions for Usual Issues

Facebook isn’t simply a social network. It assists you stay in touch with your pals, keep up with the information feed, advertise your business, and so a lot more. Yet no matter how prominent it is, in some cases Facebook does not function, and it’s not constantly your fault.

In this write-up, we will assist you figure out why Facebook is not working. We’ll take you via a collection of easy-to-follow troubleshooting actions and also give you with the right options.

1. Check Your Web Link

A negative web link or Wi-Fi signal can avoid you from accessing Facebook. Check if your tool is connected to the web appropriately. This might sound like a no-brainer, yet ensure your ethernet cord is plugged in and that your router gets on. Also, look into our beginner-friendly guide on setting up a web connection.

2. Is Facebook Down?

Before resetting your iPhone or rebooting your router, you should examine if Facebook is down. Like any kind of various other application or web site, Facebook may have server-wide issues causing you and others to shed connection to the platform.


If you have another tool like an iPad or Android smartphone all set, you can attempt logging into your Facebook account to see if it’s working. That stated, a much more stylish service is to examine DownDetector.

Down Detector is a web site where anybody can report link issues with numerous internet sites and online systems. When there are numerous user-generated reports, opportunities are there’s an interruption. On a side note, you can also use Down Detector to inspect if Netflix is down. It likewise benefits various other solutions like Whatsapp, Xbox Live, Gmail, as well as a lot more.

3. Refresh Your Browser

If you make use of the Facebook website rather than the app, revitalize your web browser. This can take care of practically any type of browser-related glitch. All you need to do is hit the Reload or Refresh button while you’re on your Facebook page. You’ll discover the button in the top-left corner on most internet browsers.

If Facebook is still not functioning, close all your internet browser tabs as well as introduce the Facebook website in a brand-new window. You can also try a different internet browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, as well as various other browsers you may haven’t come across. Occasionally, a glitch or a web browser update can temporarily stop accessing your Facebook web page.

4. Log Out as well as Reboot the Application


If you utilize the Facebook internet site instead of the app or Messenger, you can neglect this action.

In some cases, all it takes to deal with Facebook on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Microsoft Surface area tablet computer is shutting and also opening up the app. Many Facebook issues are brought on by a software program problem that is almost impossible to track. So log out of your Facebook account, shut the application, begin it back up, and relog.

5. Clear Cache and Data

Web browsers gather as well as save a great deal of information with time. Eventually, something causes a problem, and it stops you from logging into your Facebook account. The option is to clear your internet browser’s cache and also information.

The steps to clear information as well as cache depends on the internet browser as well as device you utilize. The actions you require to handle Apple Safari will be various from Chrome or Firefox. Fortunately, we pieced together a comprehensive guide on exactly how to remove the cache of any kind of internet browser, so ensure you inspect it out before mosting likely to the next troubleshooting step.

6. Reboot Your Device

When your computer system, Android, or iphone device is on for also long, mystical points start happening. The apps, services, as well as operations running in the history can cause various problems. That’s why it’s good to restart your gadget once in a while.

7. Update or Reinstall the Facebook App

Ensure you run the current variation of the Facebook app. Look for any notifications that might be asking you to update the application. Or else, you’ll run into compatibility issues, as well as Facebook will stop working or be mischievous. You can upgrade the app from the Google Play Shop and also Apple’s Application Store, respectively, or you can eliminate it as well as reinstall it from the ground up.

For Android, most likely to this main Play Shop web page.

For iOS, go to this official Application Store page.

8. Flush the DNS Cache

DNS issues may be interfering when you try to link to Facebook. The Domain Name Server gets a request from your computer system when you type a web site address, and it converts it into the IP address of a certain web server. Your tool stores info on all the websites you go to inside the DNS cache. That’s just how internet sites fill quicker the following time you see them.

That claimed, a glitch in the DNS cache can prevent you from accessing the Facebook site. To solve this problem, you need to purge the cache. Right here’s how to do it on Windows:


1. Hold the Windows trick + R to open up the Run window. Kind cmd as well as click on the okay switch.

2. Kind the adhering to command in the Command Trigger console and also press Enter:

ipconfig/ flushdns.

If you’re using a different tool that doesn’t work on Windows, reviewed our comprehensive overview on clearing up DNS cache on Windows, Mac, Android, as well as iphone.

9. Facebook Is Down for Maintenance.

If Facebook is not working for you or you can’t log right into your Facebook account, the system may be undergoing maintenance. You ought to see a message or notice regarding this, and all you can do is wait.

Various Other Annoying Facebook Issues.

Can you attach to the Facebook website, application, or Messenger, but something’s not quite best? There might not be a failure, however is Facebook really functioning if you can’t play video clips or upload photos? Let’s quickly look at 3 concerns that stop you from using your favored social networks.

You Can’t Submit Photos.

Facebook without the ability to upload images isn’t truly Facebook. This is a typical complaint, however there are a couple of feasible remedies to this problem:

1. Update your browser or the Facebook application, relying on what you use. Out-of-date software application can cause unexpected problems because it’s no more compatible with Facebook’s features.

2. Check the image format. Facebook supports JPEG, PNG, BMP, and also TIFF, to name some of the extra preferred layouts. See to it you export your images in a sustained style, and also you maintain them under 15MB.

3. Look for any e-mails from Facebook. Facebook will occasionally block people as a result of publishing any type of material considered abusive or improper. This block prevents you from uploading any type of photo documents.

You Can’t Submit Videos.

Everything in the above section about publishing images relates to video clips too. Make sure the Facebook application is updated, export videos in a sustained layout, and also maintain the data size under 4GB.

You Can’t Play Video Clips.

In some cases video clips quit playing due to an internet browser or app-related problem. All you need to do in many cases is restart your web browser. If that doesn’t work, attempt a different browser or restart your tool.

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