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What Is Vyvanse Addiction?

When made use of correctly, Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) is a drug that can assist to take care of ADHD symptoms. This medication works as a stimulant, enhancing the focus of neurotransmitters like dopamine in the mind. This result can assist to enhance emphasis and listening while aiding to reduce impulsive behaviors.

Nevertheless, these results are the exact reason Vyvanse is often misused for entertainment objectives. The stimulating residential or commercial properties of this drug make it appealing for boosting efficiency at work and school. Vyvanse is also used to take care of binge eating disorders– an effect that has motivated its abuse by people looking to drop weight.

Like any medicine, when utilized over, Vyvanse can be dangerous to your overall health. In extreme cases, an overdose of this stimulant can be deadly. To comprehend the severity of this dependency, this overview will certainly look at the indicators of Vyvanse addiction, the consequences of this behavior, as well as proper treatment networks to manage this condition.

If you or a loved one are dealing with substance use or addiction, contact the Chemical abuse and Mental Health And Wellness Providers Administration (SAMHSA) National Helpline at 1-800-662-4357 for information on assistance as well as therapy centers in your location.

Signs And Symptoms of Vyvanse Addiction

To manage ADHD as well as binge eating disorder, Vyvanse is available in 10mg to 70mg dosages. It is advised that this medication be taken when a day3in an action recommended by a health and wellness professional.

Since there’s a high risk of abusing as well as depending upon this medication, Vyvanse is a Set up II federally classified drug. While this drug can help to boost emphasis as well as concentration– an individual that relies on Vyvanse for everyday functioning, to the point of forming a routine, will discover that they may show the complying with signs:

An unusually high level of energy

Dilated pupils

Profuse sweating with no most likely reason

Rebound or accident impact when drug diminishes

Poor sleeping routines during the night


A lack of sychronisation

Body trembles

Skin soreness

Abdominal pains

An abnormally filled with air sense of self

A visible adjustment in individuality

State of mind swings

These signs and symptoms can be apparent in individuals who often misuse this medication. Vyvanse can likewise be mistreated by grunting it or injecting it into the body. Vyvanse can be misused also in people for whom it has actually been recommended if it is taken in unwanted of the amount specified.

Consequences of Vyvanse Addiction

While the side effects of this medication can start off as moderate, these growths can create significant damage to physical as well as mental health.

Effects of abusing Vyvanse consist of:

Lowered appetite or modifications in metabolism6

Intensified anxiousness as well as panic attacks

Stress and anxiety and also depression

Weight boost or decrease

Profuse sweating

Psychologically charged outbursts

Liver and also kidney damages

Brain damage

Those near a person that misuses Vyvanse may observe a change in habits. A person with a dependency to Vyvanse will locate it challenging to keep connections or a steady work. This can cause economic or lawful issues.

An individual with a Vyvanse dependence may additionally locate it challenging to operate each day without it. This can increase the opportunities of an overdose.

Indications of a Vyvanse Overdose

If huge amounts of Vyvanse are taken in, or otherwise mistreated, this can have very serious repercussions on your well-being. Particularly, an overdose can occur which can have lethal impacts.

The signs of Vyvanse overdose include:



A high fever



Quick breaths


High high temperature

Uneven heartbeat

Extreme blood pressure levels







In really significant situations, a Vyvanse overdose can lead to complications that affect kidney health, motivate liver damages, as well as may also result in a decrease in psychological functioning. There is additionally the danger of fatality when Vyvanse is mistreated exceedingly.

What to Do If You have actually Overdosed on Vyvanse

A Vyvanse overdose can be a startling event to witness. Appropriate treatment should be instantly called for when symptoms are discovered.

Because this medication is an energizer, there is a decreased threat of an overdose being deadly. The danger of death from as well as overdose of Vyvanse is much greater when it is combined with various other drugs.

When a person seems experiencing a Vyvanse overdose, signs might call for the adhering to steps:

Restriction to avoid personal damage, or damage to others

Sedatives or seizure medication to manage the episode

Turned on charcoal to slow the body’s absorption of Vyvanse

Ultimately, medical aid needs to be given asap when an overdose is presumed.

Therapy Choices for Vyvanse Dependency

Addiction can be exceptionally hard to live through, not just for the individual straight influenced however additionally for friends and family members that might view a loved one deal with it. There are different alternatives to manage this problem and enhance the opportunities of a return to normal life.

Dependency Therapy Centers

Addiction treatment facilities are a preferred procedure to aid individuals get rid of the looking for and also use medicines.

In some circumstances, treatment facilities might be sex- (such as female only) or age-specific (adolescent only), to provide these teams with the degree of treatment they require.


Certain medications are useful for handling the withdrawal signs and symptoms of Vyvanse dependency. These include medications that can support neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine, or serotonin.

These drugs can aid to offer remedy for withdrawal results as well as may help to avoid a relapse.

Behavior modifications

Therapy is another popular therapy option for handling substance use problems. Through techniques like cognitive behavior modification (CBT), patients can learn more favorable mindsets and actions patterns concerning substance abuse.

This therapy approach may additionally instruct much healthier methods to handle life, and also challenges that might encourage drug use as an escape.

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