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What Is Exposure Therapy?

When you’re frightened of a particular object or activity, you might avoid it. As an example, if you’re afraid of encased spaces, you might avoid taking the lift, particularly if it’s crowded. While avoiding it can help maintain your anxiety at bay in the short-term, it can cause your anxiety and also stress and anxiety to intensify in the long term.

Direct exposure therapy can help damage this cycle of concern as well as evasion. It entails subjecting you to the source of your fear in a safe setting. Direct exposure treatment intends to assist you conquer your concern to ensure that the things, task, or situation does not trigger anxiousness, and you can involve with it meaningfully.

” A motto of direct exposure treatment is ‘Let’s obtain comfy with being uncomfortable,'” states Courtney DeAngelis, PsyD, an accredited medical psycho therapist at Columbia College Medical Facility that focuses on this form of treatment.

Sorts Of Exposure Therapy

Direct exposure treatment can assist treat numerous problems, consisting of anxieties, generalized stress and anxiety condition, as well as social anxiety disorder. Nonetheless, there is a customized type of exposure treatment, known as direct exposure and also response prevention therapy (ERP or Ex/RP), that can help treat obsessive-compulsive problem (OCD).

According to DeAngelis, ERP assists people with OCD face uncomfortable circumstances and also decrease compulsions, which they could take part in to ease stress and anxiety. “By protecting against the obsession or ritual, you can construct insight to make sure that people learn that poor things do not take place, also when they do not follow the OCD ‘policy,'” states DeAngelis.

A 2015 research study keeps in mind that ERP has actually revealed terrific success in lowering the signs and symptoms of OCD, a condition that was once considered untreatable.


Exposure treatment can progress at various speeds. Per DeAngelis, your therapist will direct you to encounter your concerns according to an anxiety power structure or “ladder” that works as a roadmap for therapy. They can also aid you cope with the injury and anxiety that each action of the procedure entails.

Graded exposure: This entails exposing you to the resource of your worry progressively by increasing the ladder one action each time. So, for example, if you hesitate of needles, the actions can consist of considering a picture of a needle, having a covered needle near you, holding a needle, and so on, till you have the ability to do what you are afraid most, which is getting an injection.

Methodical desensitization: Your specialist might employ organized desensitization approaches to aid you relax and also obtain comfortable with each action of this process. These methods can include leisure workouts like reflection, deep breathing, guided images, and also progressive muscle mass leisure.

Flooding: This method involves exposing you to the highest degree of the ladder at one time. Therapists may utilize flooding if your worry hinders your ability to tackle your life. While this strategy can assist you conquer your worry much faster, flooding can be traumatic to experience. A specialist might consider this approach just after your anxiety has actually decreased substantially.

Therapists that exercise direct exposure therapy might bring into play a variety of methods, which DeAngelis describes below.

In Vivo Direct exposure.

In vivo direct exposure includes directly coming close to a been afraid stimulus or situation in real time. For instance, if a teen hesitates to be away from their parents, this would certainly mean exercising to gradually divide from the parents in numerous situations (with advice from a medical professional and consent from the moms and dads).

Imaginal Direct exposure.

Imaginal direct exposure entails visualizing the feared situation happening in wonderful detail. So, for example, if you have a phobia of throwing up, you most likely would not be urged to eat something to deliberately throw up as an exposure.

Rather, a specialist might ask you to define in a created story what you visualize would certainly take place if you did vomit, perhaps in public. They may ask you to reread or listen to this visualized script consistently. The general suggestion is to assist bore you of these been afraid situations instead of cause the very same level of stress and anxiety.

Interoceptive Direct exposure.

Interoceptive exposure can aid tackle a been afraid physical sensation; it is typically used when dealing with anxiety attack. For example, your therapist may ask you to do jumping jacks for one min to boost your heart rate. You will eventually find out that this is not hazardous neither an indicator of a cardiac arrest.

Virtual Truth Direct Exposure.

Virtual truth direct exposure is a more novel technique that allows you to challenge your anxieties making use of digital truth. If, for instance, you have an anxiety of flying, you might benefit from videos that imitate flying before taking place a getaway that involves flight.

What Exposure Treatment Can Help With.

According to DeAngelis, direct exposure therapy is especially handy when dealing with problems that can cause stress and anxiety. She explains that stress and anxiety can trigger you to overestimate the threat of danger/discomfort and also ignore your capacity to cope with the danger/discomfort.

” Exposure treatment functions to deal with both of these difficulties to make sure that you can realize that your anxiousness will naturally fade over time when encountering an uncomfortable or terrifying situation which you can handle that anxiousness,” says DeAngelis.

These are several of the conditions and stress and anxiety conditions direct exposure treatment can help deal with:.


Panic disorder.

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

Social anxiousness disorder.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Benefits of Direct Exposure Therapy.

Below are several of the advantages that direct exposure therapy offers.

Exposure treatment can significantly minimize a person’s stress and anxiety symptoms, raise a person’s capacity or readiness to approach uncomfortable situations, as well as strengthen finding out that individuals can manage hard points.


Adaptation: As you slowly and consistently expose yourself to the resource of your worry, your response to it might reduce gradually.

Extinction: Exposure therapy can provide a secure atmosphere for you to learn that the scenario you fear does not posture a hazard to you. It can assist damage your organization in between the situation and the adverse end result you expect.

Emotional handling: This form of therapy can aid you check out and comprehend the source of your fear. It can also help you replace your instinctive action with even more reasonable thoughts as well as beliefs concerning the feared scenario and make you more comfortable with fear and also anxiety.

Self-efficacy: Gradually, direct exposure therapy can help you realize that you can face the scenario you fear and also handle the anxiousness it creates.

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