Wednesday, September 27, 2023


How many times have you called a business for making purchases or acquiring information about a product or service? Have you ever wondered how important that call is for businesses selling that product? Do you know that the majority of the time your call is being tracked? But why? First, let us examine what call tracking is and how does it work?


All businesses get phone calls. The process in which the source of incoming calls is tracked and data is captured from each phone call is called call tracking. This helps in the growth of your business and empowers you to keep track of incoming calls. Call tracking is important for businesses since it provides you with various information extracted from phone calls such as

· People who called

· When they called

· The location from where they called

· The organization they represent (if any)

· Transcripts of phone calls                

The best benefit of call tracking with data collection is that it is identifiable to marketers whose marketing campaign has generated more phone calls. Selected web pages, keywords, or ads can also be identified that generated the need to call. By obtaining all the above-mentioned information, your businesses can generate more leads.                                 

Call tracking is much needed since it not only improves customer service but also customizes your marketing campaign based on collected data from social media, ads or paid searches, etc. It also assists in budget management and prevents you from possible fraud. All of these benefits provide you to control your leads effectively.


The call tracking process is pretty simple. It is as follows

· It uses a unique phone number assigned to individual marketing campaigns to notice which campaign drives the most calls.

· Whenever a potential customer goes through any of the campaigns and calls the number associated with it, the call is forwarded to the main number unknown to the caller.

· The marketing team will then be able to generate reports that contain the caller’s information and transcripts of the call.

·  This data can then be used to convert that particular caller to a profitable lead.                                          


 Leads are potential customers i.e. the callers that turn out to be your regular customers. For a successfully running business, it is often hectic to deal with a large number of leads i.e. why they use software to manage it. There are various benefits of lead management software such as

· Entire lead data is held together in a single location.

·  It also tracks all the activities, behaviors, demographic information, etc.

· Analyzing leads in real-time so that you can emphasize higher potential leads.

· Collaboration with the sales team.

· Automatically performing key tasks such as qualifying, distributing, and monitoring leads and prompting follow-up reminders.

· Records of all your leads whenever they interacted with your sales representative, apps, websites, social media, etc.

· A user-friendly dashboard that provides clear visibility of all your leads.


All types of call-burdened businesses require call tracking and lead management systems to experience immense growth in their sales. At present, it is quite essential to embed call tracking for medical companies, insurance, IT, traveling, real estate, banking, or any other form of a small and large business. It wouldn’t be wrong if you say that almost all types of businesses require call tracking mainly to improve customer support and sales.


Let us assume that you run a successful business that doesn’t acquire the urge to embed call tracking and lead management software in your technical stack. But you might face a lot of hurdles that you haven’t thought about yet. Following are some of them you might be facing.

· You would miss out on which of your marketing campaigns is the most popular among your clients and generates most of the leads. It’s almost useless to invest in social media, paid, or video advertising if you don’t know which type of campaign is working best for you. Only via effective use of call tracking, they could double their revenues by focusing and investing in the most effective campaign.

·  You would most probably lose a majority of your callers who can either be your regular or to-be customers. Only an effective call-tracking system integrated with an IVR can prevent the loss of 40% of callers who hate waiting in a queue for too long. IVR abbreviated from “Integrated Voice Response” is a system that collects important information from callers and solves their problems and can even process transactions in case live agents are busy. The use of IVR eliminates delays and creates a seamless customer journey.

·  Not integrating a call tracking system not only produces hurdles for the businesses and their marketing teams but also the live agents. They remain unprepared since they have no record of the caller. They have to find answers to each basic question every time they call. Until they collect info and find a solution to their problem, the callers might get frustrated and disconnect. This is an example of poor customer service and losing callers that can be turned into potential customers.


Embedding call-tracking software integrated with IVR in your technical marketing stack can benefit all types of businesses in all possible ways. It ensures privacy is maintained and doesn’t allow fraudulent transactions at all which assists in generating more leads and then converting them into potential customers, thus making call tracking a necessity for businesses. 


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