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Forex trading in Kenya – A Short Guide

Kenya is home to one of the most productive economies in Africa, and its sizeable economy makes it the third biggest in Sub-Saharan Africa after Nigeria and South Africa. It is widely acknowledged that Kenya is the economic and technological center of East Africa. Several international corporations have set up regional offices in Kenya, betting on the country’s young and tech-savvy populace to drive economic growth. Due to the modest initial investment needed, forex trading in Kenya is becoming increasingly popular.

Kenya is experiencing rapid growth in the use of mobile phone apps that facilitate foreign exchange trading. With the introduction of M-Pesa, this trend has picked up speed, which allowed millions of hitherto unbanked Kenyans to join the official banking system. As with other frontier markets, financial pyramid schemes and other frauds are active in Kenya. However, the country’s Central Bank and the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) are equipped to combat them. It solidifies Kenya’s position as a dynamic, expanding market.

Pros of Forex Trading in Kenya:

One of the foreign exchange market’s main draws is that it is global in scope and magnitude. Foreign exchange, or forex, is a worldwide market where currency pairings may be bought and sold around the clock by traders from across the world.

Many of the benefits of forex trading, including its accessibility, liquidity, unpredictability, technology, and trading hours, may be attributed to the market’s sheer scale.

  • Low initial outlay: With the low minimum deposits and high leverage offered by brokers nowadays, even KSE 500 is enough to get started trading on the Foreign Exchange market. But it would be best if you started trading with a minimum of $1000 and never risked more than 5% of your cash on a single deal.
  • A solid choice for newcomers: Easy access is a significant perk of trading foreign currency. Its appeal among inexperienced traders can be attributed to the low barrier to entry and low required investment.
  • Low transaction cost: The foreign exchange market is attractive because of its cheap transaction costs and the minimum initial investment required to enter the market. Spread, measured in basis points (pips), is the portion of the cost of trading a currency pair that goes to the broker.
  • Buy/Sell: Currency pairings may be bought or sold based on market conditions, which is one of the many advantages of forex trading.

Is Forex Trading Legal in Kenya?

Foreign exchange trading is authorized in Kenya. The Capital Markets Authority, Kenya’s governing body, has enforced rules for the country’s foreign exchange market as of 2018. If you’re a Kenyan forex trader, you should only deal with brokers authorized to do business in the country.

PayPal overview

It’s common knowledge that PayPal has about 392 million users, making it the most popular digital wallet in the world. About $15 billion was transferred using PayPal accounts that year. The beginning of PayPal dates back to 1988. Later, it became known as Confinity. The present name dates back to 2001 when the firm joined Elon Musk’s and changed its name. Since going public in 2002, PayPal has made great strides in developing web-based and mobile technology to facilitate money transfers.

Originally based in the United Kingdom, PayPal relocated to Luxembourg in 2007 and is officially registered and licensed in the Grand Duchy.

Although the platform was not designed with trading in mind from the beginning, the interest of traders who seek to engage in such activity has increased as its use has become more widespread. As a result, more and more trading platforms started accepting PayPal.

What things looking before finding a Trustworthy forex PayPal Broker

Here are some of forex PayPal most significant drawbacks:

  • PayPal is not available in every country. PayPal is unavailable in several regions of the world.
  • Several of the countries where PayPal is available to have been designated as “Send Only,” which means that while deposits may be made to a trading account using PayPal, withdrawals cannot. That is a significant obstacle for traders because many forex brokers require withdrawals to be processed using the exact transaction mechanism as the initial deposit.

A PayPal forex broker won’t work as well for you if your nation is restricted to “Send Only” payments. But if you have a PayPal account that allows you to send and receive money, you may make use of all of PayPal’s features.

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