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Washi tape is a versatile medium for creating decorative wall displays.

Make custom wall decor using washi tape! If you rent and aren’t allowed to make permanent changes to the walls, such as painting or drilling holes, then this is the perfect DIY for you! You may use washi tape in solid colours to make simple geometric designs, or you can experiment with various patterns to come up with a mural theme. You may experiment with different designs or update them whenever you want using washi tape since they won’t stick around forever.

Frames for Posters That Can Be Put Together Quickly

Washi tape makes it simple to hang up posters. Picture or poster frames aren’t necessary if you glue it to the wall and then use washi tape to make a decorative frame. Choose washi tape with eye-catching patterns like stripes and polka dots, or cut solid-colored washi tape into creative shapes and patterns. Washi tape picture frames may be hung quickly and removed without damaging the wall.

Picture Mounts

Washi tape is a fun and easy method to add a unique touch to plain, inexpensive photo frames. You may decorate your workplace or living room furnishings using washi tape in a variety of colors. You may also build patterned picture frames as presents. If you are looking for custom washi tape, please visit our website.

Mobile Computing Devices

Use washi tape to add a unique touch to your electronic devices and notebooks. Washi tape may be used to add a splash of colour to the keys of your keyboard or the pages of your notebooks.

Elegantly Designed Bookmarks

Washi tape bookmarks may be used as presents, in the classroom, or just to jazz up your own personal library. To personalise these massive tags, just choose your preferred washi tape colours and designs and apply them to the surface. We provide Patterned Washi Tape Sets with a wide variety of tapes in complementary colours and designs.

Nail Design

Make your nails look great without any effort by using washi tape! To use washi tape in lieu of liquid nail paint, just copy the form of your nail onto the tape, cut out the shape using scissors, and apply. Applying a base coat and top coat in addition to the tape can give your manicure greater lasting strength, but the tape may be used alone as a play manicure for youngsters. Use your imagination when deciding on a design, and consider incorporating glitter tape for festive events. You can always buy custom washi tape because they are the best and most popular compared to all competitors.

Washi tape coloured pencils

Using washi tape, even boring office supplies may be made into work of art. Get some washi tape in a fun design (chevron is a favourite) and wrap it around your pencil. Adding bright feathers is the last touch that will make your pencil your own.


There’s nothing quite like getting a handwritten letter in the mail, and these exquisitely designed envelopes are sure to win you extra points with your loved ones for presentation. Make a border out of washi tape; a heart design is perfect for Valentine’s Day, while a multicoloured lace ribbon tape would look lovely on wedding invitation envelopes. If you want to use tape to adorn your greeting cards or correspondence, go right ahead!

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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