Sunday, August 14, 2022

Venison Haunch Recipe


•             1 x 500g bundle of beetroot, managed, stripped and cut into wedges around 1.5cm wide

•             4 sound leaves

•             6 twigs of thyme

•             4 tbsp olive oil

•             1.3kg moved venison backside joint

•             4 juniper berries, ground or cleaved

•             12 echalion shallots, stripped

•             50g delicate margarine

•             250ml port


•             3 branches of thyme

•             4 juniper berries, slammed

•             2 garlic cloves, unpeeled and slammed

•             2 tbsp redcurrant jam

•             500ml hamburger stock


•             6 tbsp horseradish sauce

•             150g lighter crème fraîche


1. Preheat the stove to 200°C, fan 180°C, gas 6. Put the beetroot in a strong cooking tin with 1 narrows leaf and a portion of the thyme. Shower with around 50% of the olive oil, season and throw together. Cover firmly with foil and cook in the stove for 35 minutes or until delicate. Tip the beetroot and any juices into a bowl.

2. Turn up the stove to 220°C, fan 200°C, gas 7. Season the venison liberally and focus on the juniper berries. Put a similar cooking tin on the hob and pour in the remainder of the oil. Add the meat and shallots and cook for 5 minutes, turning frequently, until the meat is seared on all sides. Add the beetroot and squeezes and put the meat on top of the vegetables. Smear the meat with the spread and dissipate the top with the other sound leaves and thyme. Empty the port into the tin.

3. Put in the stove for 20 minutes, then, at that point, season with the juices and lessen the intensity to 160°C, fan 140°C, gas 3. Give it an additional 8 minutes for each 500g for intriguing meat or 10 minutes for every 500g for medium.

4. Meanwhile make the horseradish cream: combine as one the horseradish and crème fraîche. Season and put in the cooler until required.

5. Remove the meat from the tin, cover with foil and rest some place warm for 20 minutes (or 30 assuming have opportunity and energy). Eliminate the vegetables, leaving their juices in the tin and keep warm.

6. To make the sauce, add the thyme, juniper and garlic to the tin, mix in the redcurrant jam, then add the hamburger stock and stew for 10-15 minutes to make a flavourful sauce. Blend in any resting juices, season and strain into a container. Cut the venison and present with the beetroot, shallots, sauce and horseradish, adding steamed greens, maybe, and crushed or broil potatoes.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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