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Value of Professional Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood flooring has the ability to add warmth and character to any space. 

Homeowners may consider going the DIY route to install it and save on cost, but we explain why professional hardwood floor installation is a better idea and investment by far.

Craftsmanship and Expertise

Professionals have years of experience and specialized knowledge a layperson can’t compete with. 

They’re aware of wood species and their differences, best ways to install them, subfloor conditions, etc.

Experts can:

  • properly estimate and prepare the subfloor
  • consider the expansion and contraction of wood
  • create smooth transitions between rooms
  • skillfully handle complex patterns or inlays

Their trained eyes spot and identity possible issues early on – so you don’t have to suffer expensive repairs later.

Time and Cost 

Though it’s expensive up front, professional installation is worth it.

  • professionals finish the job quicker than DIY attempts
  • they use materials efficiently, minimizing costly waste
  • there are no DIY errors that need fixing (for e.g., a complete re-do)
  • professionals have specialized tools for quality installation so you don’t need to buy/rent equipment


Professionally installed hardwood floors live longer. Experts know how to:

  • acclimate the wood to your home’s environment
  • install a moisture barrier if necessary
  • ensure the floor is level and stable
  • apply the correct finish for durability and protection

All of these things help make a floor that looks good and stays strong for decades.


Professional installers have the skills to:

  • create straight lines and even spacing between boards
  • blend wood grain patterns for a cohesive look
  • use intricate designs or patterns
  • provide a smooth, uniform finish

Experts have an eye for detail that gets you stunning results in functionality and looks.

Customization Options

Professional installers open doors to so many options that DIYers simply might not be cut out for. These can be:

  • custom stains and finishes
  • intricate inlays or borders
  • mixed-width planks
  • herringbone or chevron patterns

Subfloor Preparation

No installation is complete without subfloor preparation.

Professionals will:

  • check the subfloor for moisture issues
  • level uneven areas
  • repair or replace damaged sections
  • install the appropriate underlayment

With this careful preparation, you can be sure that your new hardwood floor will have a stable base, which will keep it from squeaking, warping, or having gaps between the boards in the future.

Safety and Compliance

Professional installers know the safety rules and building codes in the area. 

They make sure that the installation of your hardwood floors meets all the requirements. 

This is necessary if you ever want to sell your home.

Quality Materials

Most times professional installers have connections with suppliers that let them get high-quality materials that regular people might not be able to get. 

They can help you choose the best hardwood for your needs and make sure you get a product that will work well in your home.

Home Value

The value of your home is likely to shoot up after an expertly installed hardwood floor. 

Buyers may find it a desirable feature. And knowing it was installed by professionals may as well be a strong selling point.

Peace of Mind

Professional installation means peace of mind. There are no headaches or burdens you carry yourself. 

You can enjoy your new hardwood floors without worrying because you know they were put in correctly by skilled professionals. 


Professional hardwood installation may cost more upfront than doing it yourself, but the benefits in the long run are much greater than the cost. 

To make sure your hardwood floors look great and last a long time – have them installed by a professional.

Tri-State Hardwood Flooring provides expert services in hardwood floor installation, vinyl floor installation and refinishing quality hardwood floors. They provide a diverse range of wood and finish choices to fit any aesthetic.

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Cary Grant
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