Monday, October 2, 2023

Can You Use Accessory Dwelling Unit Furniture In An Apartment?

As ADUs become more popular, so does their furniture. People are starting to realize the dual functionality of a piece of furniture can be quite helpful in all types of homes, not just ADUs. This leads many people to ask, can you use accessory dwelling unit furniture in an apartment?

Using ADU Furniture In An Apartment

To put it simply, yes. You can use ADU furniture in your tiny apartment. In fact, we highly recommended it! A small apartment is very similar to an ADU in terms of limited space. Thus, having furniture that has dual functionality and is built to make the most out of your space can be quite beneficial.

Using ADU Furniture In Your Home

Who’s to say only small spaces can benefit from ADU furniture? Even if you own a house, you may still be interested in what ADU furniture can offer. For example, many people are beginning to go for a more modern style in their homes. This style is characterized by minimalism and wide-open space. Having furniture that hides extra storage within it allows you to still own things in your house, but not have them visible to affect the style you are going for. Plus, extra storage is always welcomed by everyone.

Types of ADU Furniture

There are a whole bunch of different types of ADU furniture for every room in your apartment/house. They are designed to keep ADU costs down with their ability to function as multiple things, making them perfect for you in an apartment or house as well.

Living Room Furniture

You can get sectional sleeper sofas that feature hidden storage and fold out into a bed when needed. There are also storage ottomans that act as both seating and storage.

Kitchen Furniture

There are kitchen tables that mount to the wall and fold up when you don’t need them. You can also get drop leaf tables that can expand to seat more people when needed.

Bedroom Furniture

Murphy beds are nothing new to apartment owners. However, the stigma around them is not accurate anymore. You can get a fold-down bed that is super comfy and makes your room look good.


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