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Top 5 Websites for Sharing Short and Animated GIFs: Embrace the Gif-tastic Trend!

If you’re looking for a website dedicated to providing a wide range of reaction GIFs, then ResGifs is definitely worth checking out. With categories like “Happy,” “Sad,” and “Excited,” ResGifs has a curated selection of GIFs for every emotion. You can even search for specific reactions or browse through popular tags to find the perfect GIF for your needs.

GIFs have become an integral part of internet culture, and sharing them has become a fun and creative way to express oneself online. Whether it’s a funny clip from a movie, a cute animal moment, or a witty reaction to a meme, GIFs are a great way to convey emotion and humor. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 websites for sharing short and animated GIFs, so you can embrace the gif-tastic trend and share your favorite moments with the world. So, get ready to laugh, cry, and share with these awesome platforms!

  1. Giphy – With a vast collection of GIFs on almost every topic imaginable, Giphy is a go-to platform for sharing and discovering animated images. You can browse through categories such as emotions, reactions, TV shows, movies, and more. Plus, you can create your own GIFs with their easy-to-use tools.
  1. Tenor – Similar to Giphy, Tenor is a popular website for finding and sharing GIFs. It offers a massive library of animated images that you can use to express yourself or convey a message. You can search for GIFs by keywords or browse through categories such as memes, animals, cartoons, and more.
  1. Imgur – Known for its image hosting services, Imgur is also an excellent platform for discovering and sharing GIFs. You can search for GIFs by tags or explore popular categories like funny, gaming, reactions, and more. Additionally, you can upload your own GIFs to share with the Imgur community.
  1. Reddit – Although it’s primarily a social news and discussion platform, Reddit also has an extensive collection of GIFs that you can discover and share. You can browse through various subreddits dedicated to GIFs, such as r/gifs, r/HighQualityGifs, r/Cinemagraphs, and more.
  1. Gfycat – Unlike the other websites on this list, Gfycat specializes in high-quality, short-form video content, including GIFs. It offers a streamlined and user-friendly platform for discovering and sharing GIFs, and you can search for GIFs by keywords or browse through various categories. Plus, you can upload your own content and create custom GIFs with ease.
  1. TenorGIF Keyboard – In addition to its website, Tenor also offers a GIF keyboard for mobile devices and desktops. This allows you to easily search for and share GIFs directly from your messaging or social media apps. The keyboard offers a wide variety of categories and themes, making it easy to find the perfect GIF for any occasion.
  1. ReactionGifs – As the name suggests, ReactionGifs is a website dedicated to providing GIFs for all your reactions and emotions. It offers a curated selection of GIFs organized into categories such as “Applause,” “Eye Roll,” and “Shocked.” You can also search for specific reactions or browse through popular tags. Whether you need to express excitement, frustration, or anything in between, ReactionGifs has got you covered.
  1. MakeAGif – MakeAGif is a website that lets you create your own GIFs by uploading images or videos. You can add captions, crop and trim your footage, and even add special effects. This website is great if you want to customize your GIFs and make them truly unique.
  1. EZGIF – EZGIF is another website that lets you create GIFs from videos or images. It offers a range of tools for editing and resizing your footage, including the ability to add text, crop, and adjust the speed. EZGIF also has a useful tool for splitting a video into individual frames, which can be useful if you want to create a stop-motion animation.
  1. Overall, these websites offer a range of options for discovering, creating, and sharing GIFs. Whether you’re looking for the perfect reaction GIF, want to create your own unique content, or simply want to browse through a vast library of animated images, these websites are sure to satisfy your gif-tastic needs.


In conclusion, GIFs have become an increasingly popular way to express emotions, reactions, and even marketing messages. With a wide variety of websites available for discovering, creating, and sharing GIFs, it’s easier than ever to join in on the gif-tastic trend. From Giphy and Tenor to Imgur and Reddit, these websites offer vast libraries of animated images that can be used for everything from personal conversations to marketing campaigns. And with tools like MakeAGif and EZGIF, anyone can create their own custom GIFs. Just remember to be mindful of copyright laws and to use GIFs that are relevant and appropriate for your audience.


Q: What is a GIF?

A: A GIF (short for Graphics Interchange Format) is a type of image file that supports animation and can be used to create short, looping animations.

Q: Why are GIFs so popular?

A: GIFs have become increasingly popular in recent years because they provide a quick and easy way to express emotions or reactions in a fun and engaging way. They can also be used for marketing and advertising purposes to create engaging content for social media.

Q: What are the top websites for sharing GIFs?

A: The top five websites for sharing short and animated GIFs are Giphy, Tenor, Imgur, Reddit, and Gfycat.

Q: Can I create my own GIFs?

A: Yes, many of the websites listed above offer tools for creating your own GIFs from images or videos. MakeAGif and EZGIF are specifically designed for creating custom GIFs.

Q: Are GIFs copyright-free?

A: No, many GIFs are created from copyrighted content and may infringe on someone else’s intellectual property rights. It’s important to check the usage rights before sharing or using a GIF.

Q: How can I use GIFs in my marketing or advertising?

A: GIFs can be a great way to create engaging content for social media and email marketing campaigns. They can be used to showcase a product, highlight a promotion, or simply add some personality to your brand. Just make sure to use GIFs that are relevant and appropriate for your audience.

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