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Tips to Have a Healthy Postpartum Experience

Postpartum is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life, but it is challenging. There will be days with leaking breast and sometimes, mood disorders too. An adorable little pumpkin beside you is a unique and beautiful feeling. To make the newborn’s entry the best experience ever, there are some essential tips to consider. The list includes prioritising the mother’s needs to buy necessary accessories like a postpartum belly belt, feeding bra or nursing bra. It is equally important to purchase the mom-to-be gear like purchasing baby gear. Most parents welcoming their first child have no idea about the postpartum experience. So, plan during your pregnancy itself to avoid every difficulty. 

The preparation for postpartum requires much energy, and you can seek the help of your partner and friends during the process. Moreover, remember that the stress level after the newborn’s arrival can bring a huge difference in your life, and if it is unbearable, you should consult a psychologist for expert advice and help. Postpartum depression, of course, is something that should not be neglected.  

Check out this list, and have a happy postpartum experience! 

  1. Plan the postpartum 

It will be easier if you write down your postpartum plans. Keep a journal for postpartum projects alone, including important contact numbers like paediatrician, midwife, lactation consultant, and doctor. You can also list the important things to purchase for both baby and mom like baby gear, feeding bottle, postpartum belly belt, hospital bag and nursing bra. Planning helps to sort things without making anything clumsy. The moment you think about your postpartum days, like how it would be to be with your little angel, it will enhance your mood. 

  1. A mom’s needs are crucial.

Be selfish as a mom. There’s nothing wrong with putting your needs first since you are the one who is going to take care of every single need of the infant. To make the baby feel safe and happy, a mom needs more energy. So, to find the energy to the fullest, prioritise your needs to keep your body hydrated and well-nourished physically, mentally and emotionally. If you feel depressed, do not hesitate to consult your psychologist. 

  1. Do not compromise on nutrients.

Nutrients are essential for both the mom and child to stay happy. Plan at least one meal every day that is healthy and nutritious. Check online and go through different healthy recipes to keep your body energetic the whole day. There will be instances when you won’t get enough time to have food postpartum. To cope with this situation, when you eat, eat healthily! To avoid emergencies, keep in mind to cook extra food and store it in the freezer. There will also be community kitchens out there to help you with healthy meals. 

  1. Boundaries can help

Setting a boundary will help you from making it complicated in any relationship. You can set boundaries from getting overwhelmed by many visitors to meet the little human being. Some moms love to meet people after birth, but others love to sit alone. Be clear to your friends and family about what you prefer. Have deep conversations with them because you need support from them during this period without hurting anybody around you with expectations.  

  1. Seek help if necessary 

Parenting is necessarily not a process or phase that should be handled by a mom alone. If you feel you need help at any moment, do not hesitate to ask. There is no embarrassment in asking for assistance. Reach out to your network to feel more confident and comfortable.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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