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Things to do in Oymyakon

Oymyakon is widely regarded as the coldest inhabited place on the planet. The Russian town is home to 500 people, who withstand an average winter temperature of minus 58 degrees (minus 50 Celsius). 

Also known as “The Pole of Cold”, most of these residents are Indigenous people known as the Yakuts, but some ethnic Russians and Ukrainians also live in the area.

In December 2021, kids were sent home from school over fears they could freeze to death after temperatures plunged to a bone-chilling minus 140°F.  Temperatures dipped so low that hot water instantly turned to ice when flung in the air – making for a dramatic display. 

But besides the freezing conditions, there is still a whole lot to do in the town according to online casino usa

The Road of Bones

The road that leads to Oymyakon is also known as the Road of Bones. It was built in the 1930ies by forced labor in the Stalin era as part of the Gulag system. The conditions in the Gulag camps were terrible, many thousands of the workers died from hunger, cold, and exhaustion. The route is a mass grave. Though most of the camps have been destroyed since then, the Gulags is present in some things you will see along the road: crosses to remember those who died, a handful of unofficial museums and memorials, and even some abandoned camps which are still there after all the decades since the Gulag system came to an end.

Traditional Houses 

Despite that the village is increasingly visited by foreigners, there is no hotel in Oymyakon. Therefore, you will stay with locals in traditional housings. This will not only allow meeting locals but will also allow experiencing the traditions and lifestyle of Oymyakon’s people who also play games on real money pokies.

Other places include;

Culture House Polyus Kholoda.

Pole of Cold Monument.

Alysardakh Lake.

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