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The Top Piano Tuners

Stronghold Bend Music Center

Stronghold Bend Music Center is a family-possessed business with areas in Stafford and Houston. The business sells new and utilized pianos, rents pianos, and offers extra administrations, for example, in-home piano fixes and tuning administrations, piano moving, and reclamation. The organization’s site has a page devoted to making sense of the distinctions between specific piano styles and offers tips to future purchasers that will assist them with making a buy that matches their own necessities and elaborate preferences.

Ello Piano Service

Ello Piano Service in Richmond is a group of enlisted piano experts under the Piano Technicians Guild. The business has more than 25 years of involvement with tuning, fixes, assessing, and reconstructing pianos. Fix and rebuilding administrations the business offers incorporate activity guideline, contact rail establishment, hammer voicing, wrap clean up, the establishment of dehumidifying frameworks, and that’s just the beginning. Ello Piano Service additionally has some expertise in the evaluation and fix of water harmed pianos.

Harding Piano Service

Harding Piano Service is an individual from the Piano Technicians Guild and offers tuning, activity guideline, voicing, and different fixes, alongside the establishment of dampness control frameworks and halfway or complete modifies. Harding Piano Service has been serving Dayton and the encompassing networks starting around 1979. The business’ site has somewhere around 30 articles that offer depictions and directions in regards to normal issues and fix strategies. These aides illuminate clients about the parts regarding their pianos, what purposes they serve, and what happens when they break.

Glenn’s Piano Service

Glenn’s Piano Service in Katy is that of an enlisted piano specialist of the Piano Technicians Guild. Glenn tunes pianos by ear and afterward really looks at his work with a cutting edge, electronic tuning gadget. The business additionally offers administrations like guideline and voicing. Glenn charges $125 in addition to burden for a standard tuning.

Solid Piano Warehouse

Solid Piano Warehouse of Houston sells, leases and fixes pianos. The business has practical experience in piano tuning, reclamation, and revamping. Tough Piano Warehouse has a 7,200-square-foot office, appropriate for any size fix. The business offers via telephone gauges at no charge and on location gauges for a little expense. Assuming the client winds up having their piano adjusted by Hardy Piano Warehouse, that charge is deducted from the absolute expense or fixes. At a typical expense of $150, common completion time for fixes is around fourteen days. Solid Piano Warehouse has photographs of pianos that are available to be purchased on its site, alongside data about current specials.

Ivery Piano Service

Ivey Piano Service in Sugar Land has practical experience in piano cleaning, assessment, moving, tuning, and fixes. Ivey Piano Service is an approved Dampp Chaser dehumidifier seller and installer. The business’ piano specialist tunes for the most part by ear, utilizing an electronic gadget to twofold really look at his work. The business likewise offers piano-purchasing counsel and has unique limited tuning costs for schools, chapels, and nursing homes.

Your Piano Service

Your Piano Service in Houston spends significant time in minor piano fixes like tacky keys and soundboard cleaning, standard tuning administrations, and twofold tuning for pianos that haven’t been tuned in some time, or ever. One client tribute said, “Fantastic and patient work getting this piano sounding perfectly! It’s never sounded better!… [The technician] invested additional energy backtracking on the keys after the principal round and continued to change them until they sounded awesome. He’s additionally able to work adaptable hours… and was sensibly evaluated as well.”

Houston Piano Care

Houston Piano Care is a business in Houston that offers piano tuning, guideline, and fixes, with unique limits for schools, temples, music studios, and nursing homes. Houston Piano Care additionally offers piano cleaning and investigation, and piano-purchasing guidance. The business’ piano specialist is an individual from the Piano Technicians Guild and a confirmed Dampp-Chaser framework installer. One client survey said, “fourteen days prior I played out an independent presentation on a 1983 Hamburg Steinway Model B that Saun Lee had arranged at The Buckingham Retirement Community in Houston, Texas. The show tuning she did was great. The piano sounded grand and held its tune firmly all through the presentation.”

Golka Piano Services

Golka Piano Services in Houston offers piano tuning and fixes, rebuilding and renewal, and support administrations. The business’ piano specialist is an individual from the Piano Technicians Guild with more than 20 years of involvement with the piano help industry. The organization’s site clears up that the ideal climate in which for keep a piano is around 68 degrees Fahrenheit with around 42% relative mugginess, and that on the grounds that these circumstances are challenging to keep up with in Houston, pianos ought to be tuned yearly in any event to forestall hopeless harm.

Houston Piano Company

Houston Piano Company is a music store that sells and leases new and utilized instruments, offers examples through its music school projects, and offers piano consideration administrations like piano fix, reclamation, support, and tuning. Houston Piano Company contains a five-building grounds of north of 20,000 square feet. The business likewise offers proficient moving administrations for pianos. The organization rents out and has piano presentations in its recently rebuilt Grand Recital Hall.

Jim Cannon

Jim Cannon is an enrolled piano professional of the Piano Technicians Guild who has more than 30 years of involvement with overhauling the piano fix and tuning needs of clients in the Houston region. Jim has chipped away at the pianos of expert performers, nearby houses of worship, and schools. As well as tuning, Jim offers piano cleaning, activity guideline, voicing, mugginess control, reconditioning, and counseling administrations to assist purchasers with getting the best incentive for their cash.

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