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The Top Piano Lessons

Anselmo Academy of Music and the Arts

Anselmo Academy of Music and the Arts is an organization of music educators offering illustrations on various instruments, including piano, violin, and guitar, as well as voice. This New York City-based association was established in 2001 and has been obliging youngsters, grown-ups, and understudies with exceptional necessities. Its educators represent considerable authority in various types, like old style, jazz, and rock, and can act face to face one-on-one classes and online classes. Likewise, grants are proposed to understudies from low-pay families.


PianoVerse is a Jackson Heights piano school that has been doing business starting around 2010. The school is possessed and worked by Michelle Law-Ng and her girls Melissa, Cynthia, and Fiona. PianoVerse offers both piano illustrations and voice examples for grown-ups, adolescents, and offspring, everything being equal. The school likewise offers gives a yearly free presentation to all understudies.

New York Musician’s Center

New York Musician’s Center is a Bellmore music school that has been doing business starting around 2006. The school centers solely around music examples and gives illustrations to guitar, voice, singing, piano, drums, bass, strings, and woodwinds. New York Musician’s Center works different illustration rooms with amps, sound systems, full drum units with cushions, consoles, pianos, from there, the sky is the limit. The school likewise offers free presentations for understudies.

music to your home

Starting around 2003, Music To Your Home has been giving quality music guidance to understudies of any age in New York City and the encompassing regions. Claimed by a traditionally prepared couple, the school includes the administrations of profoundly talented, handpicked educators educated in Juilliard and other lofty organizations. The school offers illustrations in piano, strings, woodwinds, metal, percussion, and voice. All it directs its examples either in-home or on the web. Understudies from one side of the planet to the other can profit themselves of the organization’s web-based illustrations.

New City School of Music

New City School of Music is a New City music school that has been doing business starting around 2011. The school has a staff of 40 music educators and gives north of 15,000 music illustrations yearly. New City School of Music works a second area in Harrison at the Harrison School of Music. The school gives an extensive variety of music illustrations for guitar, drum, piano, violin, voice, and woodwinds, as well as instrumental rentals.

Outright Piano

Outright Piano is a Brooklyn piano shop and school that gives deals on terrific pianos, upstanding pianos, and embellishments. The shop additionally offers rental types of assistance for home rentals and occasion rentals, as well as tuning and fix administrations. Outright Piano offers private in-studio and in-home piano examples for understudies of any age and levels. The school’s courses are presented at the novice, halfway, and high level levels.

Objective Music Studios

Objective Music Studios is a New York music school that has been doing business starting around 2012. The school is claimed and worked by professional piano player and piano instructor Clara Zhang. Clara holds a Bachelor’s certificate in piano execution from Washburn University in Kansas and finished her alumni work at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The school gives piano illustrations to understudies of any age and levels both in-studio and at understudies’ homes.

Tribeca Music Studio

Tribeca Music Studio is a New York music school that has been doing business starting around 1993. The school is possessed and worked by entertainer Dori Levine who was joined by musician and guide Giacomo Franci in 2000. Tribeca Music Studio offers many administrations, for example, voice illustrations, vocal extemporization and scat singing, execution and recording training, public talking, webcam illustrations, piano examples, tryout arrangement, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Piano Plus

Piano Plus is a New York piano school that has been doing business starting around 2001. The school was established by David and Helene Herman. Helene holds a Master’s certificate in Music Therapy and Special Education from New York University while David holds a Master’s certification in Music Therapy from New York University and confirmation in Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy. The school gives piano and guitar examples to understudies of any age and capacities.

Anahid Syourapian Piano Studio

Anahid Syourapian Piano Studio is a New York piano school that has been doing business for more than 15 years. Anahid is an alum of the State Music Academy of Bulgaria and has performed at various lofty occasions and scenes inside the United States and overall as both a soloist and a chamber performer. The school offers piano examples both in studio and at understudies’ homes.

Music Makers NY

Music Makers NY is a New York piano school that has been doing business starting around 1997. The school offers a full scope of music examples for guitar, drums, ukulele, voice, piano, and bass. What’s more, Music Makers NY additionally offers band experience studios for players of all levels as well as songwriting and arrangement courses.

Play Jazz Piano NYC

Play Jazz Piano NYC is a New York music school that was established by jazz piano player and maker Haim Cotton. Haim is a teacher at the New School in New York City and helped to establish the New York Piano Academy. He offers free half hour test illustrations and counsels for imminent understudies. Play Jazz Piano NYC gives piano illustrations to understudies of any age and capacities.

New York Piano Academy

New York Piano Academy is a New York piano school that is staffed by Dr. Ronn Yedidia, Haim cotton, and Nate Festinger. The school offers music informative projects for old style piano, jazz piano, and escalated music concentrate on programs for artistically gifted kids. New York Piano Academy shows different abilities like console strategy, expressing and resonance, music documentation and sightreading, agreement, music hypothesis, and eartraining.

Keys to Success

Keys to Success is a Brooklyn piano school that gives one-on-one confidential piano and vocal examples. The school gives illustrations to understudies of any age and capacities both in-studio and in understudies’ homes. Keys to Success was established by proprietor Rosanna Lee Buchs who has almost 25 years of piano showing experience in both private and institutional settings. She is joined by a profoundly achieved and experienced staff of performers, recording specialists, and piano teachers.

Brooklyn Music Factory

Brooklyn Music Factory is a Brooklyn music focus that gives band classes to the two kids and grown-ups. The middle likewise gives birthday celebration administrations exercises, for example, music recording, drum circles, music games, and practices. Brooklyn Music Factory offers private illustrations for piano, guitar and bass, drum, and voice for understudies of any age and levels, as well as camps.

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