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The Top Dog Boarding Facilities

My only Boarding Kennel

My only Boarding Kennel is a pet boarding office that serves clients in Seattle. It offers canine boarding administrations in an office that has outside regions and can oblige more established, dynamic, and troublesome canines. Its staff can clean, feed, and direct drugs depending on the situation. Pet people are urged to bring their pets’ food, toys, treats, and covers. Also, the office gives preparation and spa administrations. Since its foundation in 1989, Myownly Boarding Kennel has been giving boarding and preparing administrations.

Hillrose Pet Resort

Hillrose Pet Resort is a canine boarding business that serves clients in the Seattle region. It offers protected and happy with boarding administrations for canines. It has private nooks, family boarding, and outside practice regions for pets’ solace. The office likewise has separate spaces for felines and extraordinary pets. The business gives choices to prepping and recess and screens pets 24 hours every day. Hillrose Pet Resort likewise has canine and feline childcare for arrangements or drop-in clients.

Heaven Pet Lodge

Heaven Pet Lodge offers pet boarding administrations in Seattle. It takes care of felines and canines and is outfitted with roof fans, zone-controlled floor warming, and an external air trade framework for outside air. The business was established by Brian and Libby Baarstad in 1990. Since she was youthful, Libby has been a creature sweetheart who used to cause problems for bringing lost creatures into their home, while Brian is knowledgeable in business and rebuilding fields.

Greentree Animal Hospital

Greentree Animal Hospital offers canine boarding administrations to pet people in the Seattle region. It keeps a clean and climate controlled region where canines can partake in their visit. The clinic leads a legitimate taking care of timetable and medicine and obliges pets with serious clinical or persistent circumstances. Moreover, it performs immunization, in-house lab testing, and surgeries, for example, cut fix, stone evacuation, and fix and fix a medical procedure. Proprietor Matthew Kleven is a veterinarian who gained the center in 2012.

Focal Bark

Focal Bark is a canine boarding organization that serves Seattle and the encompassing networks. It offers an assortment of administrations, including canine childcare, short-term boarding and pet hotels, preparing, and preparing. Focal Bark has webcams all around its offices, permitting concerned proprietors to monitor their pets. Likewise, it has an expert group of den mentors that helps little guys in their play times. Every last one of them has been prepared in den the executives, medical aid, and keeping up with Central Bark’s protected cleaning norms.

Canine Comfort Corner

Canine Comfort Corner is a group of canine consideration experts that serve the Seattle region. One of the administrations it offers is loading up, which includes recess with the staff and other boarded canines. Toys, covers, and confidential pet hotels are given at the office, and they are consistently cleaned utilizing items that don’t contain synthetic compounds. Moreover, Canine Comfort Center offers board and train administrations. Organization organizer Janice has practical experience in serious deftness and canine submission preparing. She likewise safeguards and yet again homes deserted canines.

Seattle Canine Club

Seattle Canine Club is a canine boarding office that serves pet people inside the Seattle metro. It offers facilities at its environment controlled metropolitan desert garden. With its modified play regions for canines of various sizes and demeanors, pets can mingle and work out. The workers of the organization are prepared to give tranquil everyday schedules, planned private eating times, cool personal time, and calm snoozing regions for its visitors. Besides, they handle day to day drop-off and get needs.

Finn Hill Animal Hospital

Finn Hill Animal Hospital is a pet center situated in Kirkland. It gives for the time being loading up and pet sitting for animal people in Seattle. The staff stick to a pet’s individual restorative and dietary requirements and guarantee that they get their day to day work out. The facility additionally rehearses general veterinary consideration, including routine actual tests, lab work, healthful advising, immunizations, microchipping, and particular senior pet consideration. Animal people have applauded the office for its circumspect and caring staff.

Overflow Kennels

Set on seven sections of land of lakes, woods, and trails, Cascade Kennels gives canine boarding offices to visitors from Seattle and the encompassing regions. Starting around 1975, the Woodinville-based office has been in full activity, offering boarding, childcare, preparing, and preparing administrations. Its staff helps proprietors and their canines with day boarding or short-term boarding. They additionally regulate required prescriptions and enhancements. In 1999, Cascade Kennels was redesigned to offer visitors a cutting edge climate is more agreeable and safe.

Paws N Pals Doggy Daycare

Paws N Pals Doggy Daycare is a canine boarding office that takes care of clients in the Seattle metro. Its boarding and childcare administrations can remember for house food and prescription organization. Also, the office offers preparing administrations, for example, butt-centric organ articulation, coat washing, ear cleaning, insect treatment, and nail managing. Paws N Pals Doggy Daycare’s staff individuals have over five years of involvement with canine conduct evaluation. They are centered around assisting pet people with dealing with their canines while they are away.


Play Doggie Daycare, LLC, is a Seattle-based business that has some expertise in a few administrations, including canine boarding. Its 3,000 square-foot office is furnished with yard covers and an indoor horse shelter, permitting canine visitors to play and mingle no matter what the climate. Its group of canine consideration experts plays get with canines and set up pools during summer. Play Doggie Daycare’s proprietor, Sarah, is an England local with a foundation in IT Marketing. She opened the organization in 2012.

Country Kennels

Country Kennels is a pet childcare and boarding office that serves private and business clients situated in the Seattle metro and the close by regions. It offers a scope of pet consideration administrations, including pet boarding, childcare, and washing. The office is outfitted with an indoor and outside play region, and clients might decide to have their pets run and play openly or be helped by an expert pet hotel partner. Country Kennels additionally acknowledges reservations and drop-offs.

The Family Pet

The Family Pet has been serving Seattle’s Ballard region for over 70 years. The pet facility furnishes boarding with extra administrations, for example, drug administering, nail trims, showers, and butt-centric organ articulations. The Family Pet is likewise a full-administration facility that gives health tests, dental exams, microchipping, and other veterinary administrations. The center is an individual from the Greater Seattle Business Association, the Washington State Veterinary Association, and the Puget Sound Veterinary Medical Association.

Clubhouse for Dogs

Clubhouse for Dogs is a canine boarding office situated in Issaquah run by CPR and pet medical aid ensured staff. The organization’s administrations incorporate boarding, childcare, canine preparation, and pack strolls. The office has an enormous preparation region and very nearly seven sections of land of fenced, open land. Pet people have adulated Clubhouse for Dogs for its well disposed, genuine proprietors and wonderful open offices.

Baba Lu’s Playhouse

Baba Lu’s Playhouse is a Seattle canine boarding office that really focuses on canines in a home climate. The organization, established in 2010, has canines for short term visits or childcare in a home with a huge lawn. Clients have applauded Baba Lu’s Playhouse for its adaptable, obliging, and insightful proprietor and her home’s tomfoolery, agreeable climate.

The Barking Lounge

The Barking Lounge is a Seattle canine boarding office that gives independent and agreeable facilities to canines, everything being equal. The organization gives each for the time being or childcare canine recess in its open air offices. The Barking Lounge likewise gives washing care and sells pet toys. The business won King 5’s Evening Magazine The Best of Western Washington Award and the Seattle Magazine Best of Award. The Barking Lounge is an establishing individual from the Seattle Dog Daycare Association.

Metro Dog

Metro Dog is a family-claimed business that serves pet people and their four-legged friends in Seattle. It offers an assortment of boarding bundles to address the issues of its visitors. It gives the two pet hotels and cases as well as conveniences that incorporate muscular and raised beds, downy covers, and night lights. Moreover, its group takes special care of canines’ childcare, home consideration, clinical necessities, yet offer, pet sitting and canine strolling. Metro Dog has been offering childcare and pet hotels beginning around 2001.


With many experts in the Seattle metropolitan region alone, Rover is the biggest organization of pet consideration suppliers offering confided in boarding administrations for felines and canines. Just peruse neighborhood sitters’ profiles to see estimating, photographs, and message straightforwardly. Sitters offer boarding in their home and the choice to organize a meet-and-welcome prior to booking. All sitters have been endorsed by Rover’s group of sitter subject matter experts and will give photographs and doggie refreshes during the stay. Meanderer likewise gives canine strolling, pet sitting, and doggie day care.

Experience Dog Ranch

Established in 2007 by Steve and Kerri Pinkston, Adventure Dog Ranch is an enclosure free boarding office that serves clients in the Seattle region. The farm was opened to be an option in contrast to the customary pet hotels, where canines stay in bed confines around evening time. All things considered, Adventure Dog Ranch has four common room measured warmed rooms where canines can rest on bunks with covers. There are three play yards where canines can cavort, go around, and play during their visit.


Meanderer offers pup childcare administrations for animal people all through the neighborhood. Network incorporates large number of pet sitters are accessible to really focus on canines while their proprietors work or travel. The help interfaces sitters with clients on the web or through its application. Clients can meet with sitters preceding booking, and administrations are accessible for a scope of canines, including high-energy young doggies and canines with extraordinary necessities.

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