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The Shulman Regulation Gathering

The Main Specialists In Movement Regulation With North of 28 Years Of Involvement.

THE BEST Movement Attorneys IN THE U.S.

The Shulman Regulation Gathering – situated in Elmwood Park, NJ – is broadly perceived as one of the most mind-blowing migration law offices in the US. Our migration legal advisors have helped many individuals all through New Jersey and the US effectively resolve their movement issues, for example, spousal/family petitions, extradition/evacuation safeguard, DACA, naturalization applications, business movement (work visas) and other migration administrations. Through on location counsel at our NJ office and protection at USCIS, Movement Court and Detainment Focuses all through the US, our group of migration legal advisors will direct you through the interaction and help you, your family, as well as your workers with your migration needs.

Broadly Perceived Movement Lawyers

Edward Shulman and his staff of movement lawyers (familiar with English, Spanish, French and Portuguese) figure out that the U.S. movement regulation cycle can be confounding, tedious, and baffling; we want to simplify it for you. We assist every one of our clients with accomplishing their drawn out movement objectives while effectively managing their momentary necessities. Our migration office in Elmwood Park, NJ is close to all movement workplaces, confinement offices, and courts arbitrating migration regulation issues all through New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

TOP Migration Lawyer IN NEW JERSEY!

“Mr. Shulman is without uncertainty the best movement lawyer in New Jersey! My case was incredibly difficult and no one but he could tackle and creatively make a road for movement alleviation. In addition to the fact that he is splendid and capable, yet he has a warm and caring character. His office is open, efficient, and consistently keeps steady over your case. He is basically awesome and I can’t suggest him profoundly enough.”


Preceding getting hitched, my better half was entangled in a political shelter case and was involving a notable lawyer in Manhattan. About a month or so before we had wanted to marry, my better half was placed into definite expulsion procedures, as his political shelter case was denied. Upset, furious and miserable were precisely exact thing we were feeling until close family companions had suggested Mr. Shulman. From the second we ventured into his office and addressed him, a help came over us. Mr. Shulman is the most delightful,


The Branch of Country Security (DHS) has authoritatively approved the assignment of Impermanent Safeguarded Status (TPS) for Ukrainians. TPS permits nationals of assigned nations to stay the US legitimately…

: NEW Visionaries CAN NOW APPLY FOR Conceded Activity

Government Judge Nicholas Garaufis of the US Region Court for the Eastern Area of New York authoritatively requested the Trump organization to restart DACA (Conceded Activity for Adolescence Appearances). Indeed,…


The High Court on Thursday, June 18, 2020 impeded the Trump organization’s endeavor to end the Conceded Activity for Youth Appearances, an Obama-time program that safeguards countless workers brought…


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