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The Secret to Using a Study Guide to Ace Your Next Exam 

Many students enter into a panic zone whenever their exam approaches because there is so much to learn. Whether you’ve been preparing since day one or have a few weeks to prepare for the exam, you don’t have to worry so much as long as you have a Study Guide. A study guide compiles the most vital contents of a particular course or subject, making it easier for you to study multiple at once. Using a study guide helps you figure out things you already know and what you have to learn. When creating a study guide, it is necessary to write an outline of every chapter giving key points which would help focus on the most important part of the subject when reading. Below are a few ways that using a study guide would help you ace your forthcoming exam.

  1.  A study guide helps you focus: Creating a study guide does not only help you reduce your workload; it enables you to focus your attention on what you have not read. When studying for an exam, it is necessary to pay more attention to the topics you struggle to understand. With the way the study guide outlines your subjects, you can easily spot those who need your attention and focus on them.
  1. A study guide helps review things likely to show up in the exam: A study guide is a compilation of the critical points of a particular subject or topic. Exam questions, however, are mainly based on key points of what the lecturer teaches, so because you have a highlight of all the essential facts of a syllabus, you will be able to review the questions that The teacher would most likely ask in the exams. Creating a study guide helps you get ahead of the lecturer and gives you an insight into what to expect.
  1. A study guide helps comprehend important concepts: Without a study guide, it would be difficult to note important concepts relating to science, maths and e,ngineering subjects. However, a study guide helps you highlight these concepts. It also aids better and faster comprehension of ideas. You cannot read science and math subjects like every other book. Formulas, theories, and concepts must be noted and understood. Having a study guide makes comprehension of concepts more accessible.
  1. A study guide helps to select materials to read: After creating a study guide or when a lecturer is kind enough to give out study guides, it helps to choose the materials needed. Your study guide would determine whether you need textbooks or if what you need is an online resource or material. However, online materials are valuable tools for learning because of their wide variety and availability over the internet. If you belong to the Science field, you can use resources by Osmosis for your study. Osmosis has over 1800 science-related video study materials.
  1. A study guide helps create time for study: Your study guide helps you know how much you need to study and enables you to create time for the study. For example, a student who hasn’t been reading for the exams would discover how much he has to read through a study guide, and such a student would be forced to create time to study to cover all grounds before the exam. It is no news that any student who can make time for study is disciplined and is ready to ace their exam.
  1. A study guide helps to select your learning style: Study Guides helps students to choose their preferred learning style. Every student has a unique learning style. However, the flexibility of study guides makes it easy for students to select their style when creating one. For example, a student whose learning style is visual would create a study guide using images and diagrams for better understanding and retention. However, selecting a learning style is possible because of the flexibility of the study guide.

Creating a study guide is necessary if you want to ace your next exam because it helps plan what you have to read, when you should read, how long you are reading for and how to read. For a tool to enable you to plan, you cannot underestimate it when preparing for your exam. Some lecturers give their students a study guide or area of concentration before a test or exam. However, you would have to create your own when you are not granted any.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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