Tuesday, October 3, 2023

The Myths Around Building An AR-15 With An 80 Lower

Any budding gunsmiths or shooters out there are likely to have come across a number of common myths that exist around building an AR-15 firearm with an 80 lower. However, many of these are simply not true and so it is time to dispel them once and for all. 

It is illegal to build an AR-15 in your home

Building an AR-15 with an 80 lower at home is completely legal. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) state in their own literature that a license is not needed for the purpose of making a personal use firearm. What the law does prohibit is the assembly of a shotgun or semi automatic rifle using 10 imported parts or more. It also prohibits the manufacture of any firearms that cannot be detected by x-ray machines or by metal detectors – for obvious reasons. 

So if you are building an AR-15 from your own home using parts that were all made in the United States of America and you do not plan on selling the finished firearm then you have nothing to worry about on the legal side. However, it is important to make sure that the configuration and features of the AR-15 meet the local and state laws of wherever you are located.

80 lowers are unreliable

The quality and reliability comes down to the skills of the person building up the 80 lower. If the finished product is at all unreliable, then that is not down to the 80 lower itself, but the person who has manufactured the firearm.

80 lowers are not compatible with AR-15 parts

All 80 lowers are compatible with conventional 2.23- and .556- chambered AR-15 parts. This includes things such as buttstocks, buffer tubes, uppers, chambers, barrels, triggers etc. All of these things will work completely fine with an 80 lower. 

To build an 80 lower you need to do paperwork

In the vast majority of cases, this is simply not true. There is nothing in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) book which states that any paperwork needs to be submitted to the government in order to be legally allowed to build a firearm within your own home. There is no need for a background check to be done and there is no requirement for an FFL transfer to receive or complete any 80 lower. Additionally, there are no fees that need paying.

There are some states where some paperwork is required to be completed. For example, in California, you are required to submit a request for a serial number prior to being able to build up an 80 lower. It is for reasons like why it is important to check what the local and state laws are first before building an AR-15 with an 80 lower. 

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