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The Most Successful Crypto Games

Earn money with games, who wouldn’t want that? It’s really possible! Even if you are a total beginner.

This is made possible by crypto games: one of the fastest-growing industries within the crypto world. There are a lot of different games and there is something for everyone. For example, in YYY online casino you can find many crypto-based games that offer huge profit opportunities with limited risks. Moreover, you can get additional earning opportunities thanks to the cash rewards and free spins that these sites also offer you.

But what exactly are these crypto games? How do they work? Which ones are there? And how can you make money with crypto games?

What are crypto games?

Actually, the name speaks for itself: crypto games are games that have to do with crypto. Explained somewhat more clearly are games that use blockchain technology. In crypto games you often use crypto coins or, for example, NFTs in the form of attributes in the game. Most of the projects get these NFTs designed by graphic designers and convert them to the NFT format. There are many NFTs artists from Malaysia who have more design experience with NFTs. Projects looking to hire such designers can hire from such countries to get the right quality of work.

The blockchain naturally makes it possible for transactions to take place in a secure manner. Within blockchain gaming, blockchain technology makes it possible to allow transactions between players to take place. This is a great development within the gaming and many experts also say that blockchain technology is a technology that will really take the gaming industry to the next level!

One of the consequences of this is that there are now a huge number of crypto games and there will only be more. New games are added every day. In addition, there are now many existing games that integrate the blockchain into their game. One of these games is Fortnite.

1. Axie Infinity

First, of course, we look at Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity is an NFT game, built on NFTs, that was released in 2018. However, the game had its biggest success this year, in 2021. In June of the year 2021, a whopping $42 million in NFTs was added to the game.

In Axie Infinity you play with Axies. These are characters within the game that are really just NFTs. You can trade these Axies in the game, but you can also participate in battles with them. You can also collect them, but you can also breed them (create baby Axies).

So there are different ways with which you can earn money with Axie Infinity, but above all it is just a very fun game. There are several plans for the expansion of the game. Land mode is coming soon. As a result, you can already anticipate by purchasing land, but for good reason.

2. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a very well-known game that can be played on both iOS and Android since 2012. In The Sandbox, users can build their own worlds with elements such as water, lava, sand, glass and many more. For example, they can also make mud by mixing water and sand. This way the players can really create whole worlds from scratch. To many, this sounds very interesting.

In August of the year 2018, the rights for the game were acquired by Animoca Brands, who decided to release a blockchain version of the game. This allows players to monetize their Sandbox creations.

3. The Six Dragons

The Six Dragons is also a very popular crypto game. It is an open-world RPG (role-playing game) in which players can do an endless number of different things in a world that is no less than 256 km².

Players can collect all kinds of materials and use them to create different attributes. You guessed it: they can then sell these in the form of NFTs.

This is not the only way one can make money in The Six Dragons. There are also various governance NFT tokens and you can farm these for extra rewards.

Something else fun: The Six Dragons is part of the Enjin Multiverse. This is a network of different blockchain games that are connected to each other. What’s great about this is that you can also transfer attributes from one game to another and use them again here.

4. Decentralized country

Decentraland is a hugely well-known blockchain game that has been around since 2016. However, over the years, the game has developed enormously and it has certainly improved. It is not without reason that the game is more popular today than ever.

Decentraland is actually what the name says: a decentralized country. Decentraland is a digital virtual reality world built on the Ethereum network. Users can give their own interpretation to this digital world.

For example, players can buy land and then develop this land, they can put a building on it, or create attributes on it.

It is also possible to organize games or events on this land. They can of course earn money from each of these things.

Not only can they organize these kinds of things themselves, they can of course also visit them.

5. God’s Unchained

Gods Unchained is also a very popular crypto game, but for a completely different audience. Gods Unchained is an NFT card game and it is one of the first blockchain games.

Gods Unchained is based on gods from various ancient times, for example, gods from Greek and Roman antiquity, but also gods from Egyptian and Scandinavian mythology.

In the game, you are actually in charge of these gods. You choose a god with which you will fight and then also choose the weapons that the god may use. You guessed it: these gods and weapons can be bought and sold in the form of an NFT.

In God’s Unchained you can earn money in several ways. First, of course, you can earn from your cards. These can change in value and therefore also increase in value. You can earn money by trading these cards (both gods and weapons).

In addition, with the cards in your possession, you can participate in various tournaments, where you can of course earn prizes. These prizes have certain values. In this way, if things go well, you can earn a nice side income playing Gods Unchained.

Besides the fact that you can earn money with Gods Unchained, it is also a game that introduces you to different parts of the history and mythology of different time periods in a playful way. When you choose to play Gods Unchained, don’t do it just for the money. Do it in the first place because you think it’s a fun game, otherwise, the fun will probably wear off quickly.

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