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The Best Paint Sprayers for Projects of Any Size

Paint sprayers can be scary devices for unpracticed Do-It-Yourself errs, yet with a touch of examination and practice, they’re more straightforward to use than you could naturally suspect. Dissimilar to brushes and rollers that are utilized physically, these sprayers shoot the paint out of a spout, making a wide, even splash that can cover surfaces rapidly. This application makes them helpful for use on enormous regions like roofs and walls, as well as on lopsided surfaces like fencing or cabinetry. Simply remember that paint sprayers require a fair measure of prep work-consider parcels tape and coverings to guarantee any overspray doesn’t interact with different surfaces or furniture.

What to Consider

Paint sprayers are costly machines, so you ought to carve out opportunity to pick one that best matches your particular venture. Sprayers will generally go through additional paint than rollers and brushes, so assuming you have a huge work, you’ll likely need to go with a model that can interface directly to a 1-or 5-gallon paint container. Handheld models would be great for errands that require a smidgen greater versatility, since they don’t have additional hoses that should be coordinated and fought as you work. However, the cups that store the paint for these choices must be topped off more frequently than bigger models.

The stream pace of the sprayer is normally estimated in GPM (gallons each moment) and will provide you with an unpleasant thought of the speed with which your sprayer will actually want to apply your paint. The genuine stream rate can fluctuate contingent upon the material you’re splashing and the tip size being utilized — however as a general rule, the GPM is a fast method for contrasting one sprayer’s likely efficiency against another.

You ought to likewise think about leasing a sprayer on the off chance that you’re handling a one-time project, or on the other hand on the off chance that you’re simply not certain a sprayer is the right instrument for you. Rental costs will fluctuate, yet they’ll in any case be a lot of lower than buying a machine that you might wind up at no point ever involving in the future.

How We Chose

While choosing the choices for this aide, we approached our broad experience painting custom furniture in studios, as well as private work of art projects — the two of which used different sprayers. We tried to incorporate a decent blend of styles, including substantial business machines, handheld models, and, surprisingly, a battery-controlled choice for those searching for greatest versatility.

We likewise remembered the general cost as we made our picks, including fundamental choices under $100, up to better quality models that go for more than $1000. We deliberately kept away from any extra-modest choices however, as we’ve found these off-brand models normally have a high gamble of engine disappointment and obstructing.

For additional extraordinary options to your canvas tool stash, look at our picks for the best paint rollers, paintbrushes, and paint tapes!


Those expecting multiroom or other huge scope tasks will see the value in the wheeled base and curiously large handle on this paint sprayer, which permits you to effectively and serenely move it around a place of work. Its capacity to help up to 150 feet of hose makes it much more appropriate for challenging tasks. Its customizable tension controls likewise make it simple to change the siphon yield, permitting you to dial in the machine to your particular occupation unequivocally.

Its treated steel development makes it sufficiently vigorous to shower materials at a pace of 0.38 gallons per

TrueCoat 360 DS Paint Sprayer

This Graco model joins the versatility of a handheld device with the limitless running season of a corded unit. However long you have an electrical line sufficiently long, you can bring this sprayer any place you really want it, whether it’s up a stepping stool to get to roof rafters or outside to shower a wall or house outside. It’s likewise intended to have the option to splash topsy turvy, because of a hermetically sealed association framework.

The coordinated stockpiling region in the handle is a pleasant advantage too, permitting you to continuously have two hints close by while you work.


In the event that you’re searching for a handheld sprayer however don’t have the financial plan for the better quality choices, this Wagner model ought to give the efficiency you really want for a portion of the cost. Its corded power supply implies it weighs substantially less than comparable battery-controlled models — simply 4.5 pounds — diminishing hand and shoulder exhaustion during activity.

We’ve involved this model for splashing the uncovered rafters on a home rebuild, and it truly proved to be useful for guaranteeing each niche, corner, and wood face was covered rapidly and uniformly. You’ll likely have to thin your paint a piece to utilize it, however, so remember that.


This airless Graco model consolidates quality execution easily of-purpose, settling on it an extraordinary decision for passage level clients who are prepared to quit fooling around with paint splashing.

At only 19 pounds and 12.75 inches wide, its minimal size makes it simple to both store and transport. The wide casing gives a decent durable base while you use it, and it can deal with 125 gallons of paint each year.

The sprayer has a greatest stream pace of 0.27 GPM and cleanup is helpful as well, because of an exceptional connection that interfaces straightforwardly to a standard nursery hose.


Despite the fact that it costs altogether not exactly the majority of different choices on our rundown, this Wagner apparatus is shockingly adaptable, intended to acknowledge stains and polyurethane notwithstanding diminished paint. It’s likewise planned with the goal that you can undoubtedly redo your splash shape and concentration, because of a tension control dial and pivoting air cap. A 20-foot hose permits you to leave the fixed base on the ground or a table while you work, eliminating arm exhaustion during activity.

This model most likely isn’t sufficiently rough to rise up to visit use, however in the event that you’re just searching for a device for a periodic task, this is an extraordinary decision.

TITAN Apparatus

This model is appropriate for the individuals who focus on efficiency, because of its 0.6 strength siphon, permitting you to apply paint or stain at a pace of 0.33 gallons each moment.

A control handle on the facade of the unit makes changing the stream yield basic and direct, allowing you to dial in the machine for your particular errand. The all-metal firearm is more solid than those made of plastic parts and is bound to endure drops and falls during use.

We likewise value the somewhat low cost for a unit that is fit for showering up to 300 gallons each year.


This cordless choice acknowledges DeWALT lithium XR batteries, making it a helpful choice in the event that you currently own DeWALT power devices. It accompanies two of these 2.0Ah batteries, and each can cycle a gallon of paint for every charge. Its handheld plan makes it significantly more versatile than bulkier corded models, and without a hose to fight, it’s simpler to convey from one space to another.

Its 5.75-pound weight is fairly robust, however, and may be excessively weighty for certain clients to work for extensive stretches of time. As well as tolerating an assortment of plastic paints, it can likewise shower both mineral soul based materials and water.

BEST FOR Huge Tasks

It’s a bit expensive, however on the off chance that you have the spending plan — and the need — this rock solid machine could be an extraordinary speculation. Fortunately, it includes a few parts that assistance to expand the life expectancy of its siphon, including an auto-oiler that keeps the packings working without a hitch and an instrument that keeps the cylinder clear of abrasives.

Its fast spotless setting likewise makes it simpler to flush out after use, saving time, energy, and diminishing the possibilities of dried paint or filthy water staying in the unit. A coordinated handle gives a pleasant, strong grasp, permitting you to haul it around serenely.

BEST Business STYLE Choice

Searching for a business style machine that is as yet easy to utilize? This Graco sprayer is worked to handle huge ventures rapidly, effectively, and — in particular — accurately.

The included informative DVD and startup guide will make them splash with certainty, and its flexible plan permits you to utilize it with weighty plastic and acrylics, as well as stains, and with a maximum stream pace of 0.47 GPM — the most noteworthy of any choice on our rundown — you’ll be done all of a sudden.

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