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The 10 Finest Sites to Check Your Typing Speed

Testing your inputting speed and also accuracy may feel like a waste of time initially. Actually, it influences how fast you can finish your jobs and also exactly how effective you are when surfing or seeking out something online.

Do not recognize if your typing is fast sufficient or if you require to improve your keyboarding abilities? Check out the following websites that permit you to check your keying rate in various methods, along with boost it.

WPM Typing Rate Examination Websites

WPM stands for words per minute, as well as WPM-based examinations inform you the amount of words you type in one min. Several of them additionally check the accuracy of your typing, yet the main goal right here is speed.


TypingTest is one of the most effective systems to examine your WPM typing rate free of cost. It includes a modern-looking beginner-friendly interface and a very clear collection of tests that you can take. You can choose for how long the examination will certainly be, from 1 to 10 mins long, as well as the difficulty level as well as a motif for the text you’ll kind.

This examination is concentrated simply on speed, and it does not highlight any typos you make. Nonetheless, in the long run, the typos are deducted from your last score, so it’s much better to take notice of what you kind. After you complete the test, you can also select to play an inputting game, or start an inputting course to improve your speed or precision.

2. is another terrific system for checking your WPM typing skills. You can choose to take a 1, 3, or 5-minutes lengthy test, as well as select the lengths of your examination– from 1 to 3 web pages.

Once you pick your setting, the website takes you to the typing screen. The message is very easy to comply with and also is beginner-friendly. While you’re typing, your typos are highlighted in red so you can go back as well as fix them. Though it’s not needed. When taking the test, see to it to transform the noise on your computer system so you don’t lose out on the lovely traditional typewriter audio impacts.

3. 10 Fast Fingers

If you’re seeking something a little bit extra tough, attempt taking a test on 10FastFingers. Unlike other web sites that give you a complete message, or at the very least paragraphs that make good sense, 10FastFingers offers you a string of independent words, all entirely random. At the same time, there’s no punctuation so you can focus only on your words.

You can take a test with 200 words cap or 1000 words cap (advanced– a free user account required). After you complete the examination, you can see your WPM results, as well as the accuracy of your keying.

4. Rate Inputting Online

If you’re seeking to test yourself with even more demanding texts with unfamiliar words and also lots of punctuation, have a look at the SpeedTypingOnline examinations. The primary distinction of this system is that it offers you extracts from literature to check your typing abilities.

The size of tests likewise varies: from 30 seconds to a whole 20 mins. When you obtain your score, you can also view our WPM, accuracy, how many words you enter overall, as well as the variety of incorrect words that you typed.

5. Typrx

If you choose an even more interactive layout for your examinations, or merely delight in a bit of competition, Typrx is the best system for you. This site transforms your typing rate testing right into a race. You can race arbitrary users, invite somebody you recognize to join you in an exclusive race or take the examination solo.


Throughout the race, you can see your existing WPM, in addition to that of your rivals. You additionally get wonderful graphics to accompany your examination and also race-like sound effects. The only disadvantage of Typrx is that you always need to return and also fix your typos, or else the site will not allow you progress. Ultimately, you get to see your last WPM, precision rating, and also for how long it took you to complete the race.

6. LiveChat

If you’re a promised minimalist, you’ll enjoy the keying rate test at LiveChat. It’s straightforward, simple, as well as direct. This examination takes you through a string of arbitrary words, all in a solitary line, with minimum distractions on the screen. After 60 seconds, you reach see your result, both WPM and accuracy. If you intend to change the words as well as start once again, revitalize the web page.

Sound to Text Transcription Practice Tests

Not all keying tests are WPM-based. You can also take tests to exercise your transcription skills. This moment you’ll get to listen to the audio of your text, as opposed to having it before you and also change the sound into a typed text. While these examinations often likewise examine your rate, they’re mainly tailored in the direction of enhancing the accuracy of your typing.

7. Go Records

GoTranscript is a platform that provides transcription services, and it has one straightforward but reliable test for exercising transcribing sound right into text in real-time. This test is an excellent way to see just how good you go to recording if you’ve never ever done it previously.


The examination lasts three mins as well as you’ll listen to a solitary audio speaker discuss transcription and also the solutions that the website offers. It’s not the most interactive site however it does an excellent job of presenting users right into the world of transcription. After you complete the test, you get to see the amount of words you solved or incorrect, along with what errors matter as well as do not count for scribes.

8. Accuracy Evaluation Device by TCI

Accuracy Analysis Tool by Transcription Accreditation Institute (TCI) is a wonderful platform for somebody that’s seriously considering coming to be a specialist scribe. They have over a lots examinations that evaluate your transcription skills as well as your keying speed. Nonetheless, a lot of them you have to spend for (each test costs $1.99).

If you’re a full beginner as well as simply intend to examine yourself, you can use among the two free examinations provided on the platform. They last just over 1 as well as 2 minutes, and after you complete you can contrast your outcomes with the actual transcript of the message, in addition to see your inputting rate.

Read & Replicate Typing Tests

One more sort of typing test is read & copy, as well as is pretty obvious. As opposed to obtaining your message word by word, you’ll see the full message in front of you. The objective right here is to review and also precisely replicate it in the least amount of time.

9. Remember Typing Tests


Make note has both an audio inputting (or transcribing) as well as a duplicate keying test that you can take for cost-free.

The duplicate keying test is a small message that you have to review and also replicate in under 1.5 mins. When you finish, you reach see your score, your WPM, typing speed, and also accuracy. The audio examination gives you a 3-minute recording that you need to record in less than half an hour. After you finish, you likewise reach see your rating with just the same parameters.

10. Key Hero

Key Hero is a cost-free online device that can assist you examine your keying speed using the read & duplicate keying approach. The site is beginner-friendly and has many languages other than English that you can practice as well.

After you end up the read & copy examination, you’ll see your inputting rate in WPM, as well as your accuracy rating. To begin a new examination, refresh the page or select Next Test. If you choose the name of the test ahead, you’ll see the page with the very best scores from various other users.

Do you Need to Service Your Keying In Speed?


Since all the tests on this listing are different, we suggest doing all of them (or at least as several as you can) to get a sufficient understanding of exactly how excellent your keying rate is. If you find that your keyboarding abilities aren’t comparable to you would certainly wished, utilize one of our advised techniques to improve your typing speed.

Have you ever before attempted examining your inputting speed? Was it like you ‘d expected? Share your experience with typing tests in the comments section listed below.