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Student Loan Relief: Scams, Options, And More

Student loan relief refers to the forgiveness, cancellation, or discharge of federal student loans as a result of a significant life event or a promise to work in a specific vocation for a set period of time. Most student loan relief programs are only accessible for federally owned student loans, while certain private lender programs may be available.

How can I receive student loan forgiveness?

You may be qualified for student loan relief if you’ve worked in the nonprofit or public sector for a particular period of time, or if you’re facing job loss, disability, or school closure. While forbearance and deferral will put a temporary halt to your student loan payments, student loan relief usually means totally eliminating some or all of your student loans. If you seek forgiveness, the conditions are more stringent than if you request for a forbearance or delay term.

How to Spot a Scam About Student Loan Relief

The application for a federal forgiveness program is always free and may be completed online. If a corporation approaches you and asks you to pay for aid with student loan forgiveness, go away. Here are some examples of programs to avoid:

  • Companies that offer to forgive your debt completely and immediately.
  • Programs with “limited-time incentives” that compel you to respond immediately.
  • Companies that demand a fee to assist you in applying for student loan forgiveness.
  • Companies that advertise that they will waive private student loans.

It’s also critical not to give out personal information online or over the phone unless you’re applying for a program, especially if the caller is demanding money. You may check the Federal Student Aid website to discover whether firms operate directly with the Department of Education if you’re not sure if a company is authentic.

Student Loan Relief programs for Discharge

Dismissal from school. If your school shuts down, you may be eligible for loan forgiveness and discharge. You must have been enrolled or have departed within 120 days without getting a degree at the time of closure. If you meet the eligibility requirements, contact your loan servicer to begin the application process. While your application is being reviewed, you must continue to make payments on your loan. If you’re accepted, you won’t have to make any more loan payments, and you might get a refund of part or all of your previous payments.

Repayment discharge defense for the borrower. Borrowers who have been cheated by colleges may be eligible for debt relief. A borrower defense to repayment claim must be filed with the US Department of Education.

If your school was involved in evident, widespread fraud or deception that harmed a large group of borrowers, you may be eligible to have your debts automatically canceled, at the discretion of the Education Department.

Discharge from total and permanent disability. If you are unable to work due to a total and permanent physical or mental disability, you may be eligible to have your outstanding student loan debt forgiven. You must present paperwork showing your impairment to be eligible for a complete and permanent disability discharge. The government may monitor your finances and incapacity for three years after your debts are canceled. Your loans may be restored if you fail to fulfill conditions during the monitoring period.


We hope you find this brief guide useful. As a result, we’d like to point out that if you have any remaining queries about student loans, we’re only a phone call away. Explain your present status on the Student Loans Resolved website or call 800-820-8128 to see whether you are qualified for student loan relief alternatives or negotiation. It will provide you with a free consultation in which you will have a thorough grasp.

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