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Soji Recipe

Soji is a rich soothing, velvety starter or sweet that is served in most Indian families. This is a straightforward recipe made with Semolina, Butter or Ghee, Condensed Milk or Sugar and Milk.

what is soji

This Soji Recipe is flavorful. It us an Indian pastry or starter made with Semolina, a lot of ghee or margarine, Sugar and Milk or Water. It is additionally served at family parties/social occasions and weddings. Soji resembles an embrace in a bowl. It is velvety and smooth thus so great. Soji in a pot with raisins and saffron. Soji in a pot on a wooden board.

Tips And Varieties For Soji Recipe

Water – You can involve simply water for a better choice.
Milk – You can add less Milk in the event that you like.
The more milk you add, the more it will take to retain into the semolina and on the off chance that you add excessively, it will have a thick soup like surface which I wouldn’t fret since it winds up smooth however certain individuals favor it to be a lot thicker.
Sugar – You can utilize sugar or you can utilize Condensed or Evaporated Milk. Anyway you should change the amount of sugar as per your preferences.
Cream – Some individuals utilize a little Cream, particularly for extraordinary events for a more extravagant more lavish mouthfeel.
Food Coloring – You can add some Yellow food shading to make it more lively.
Eggs – Some individuals add Eggs and I now and again do yet this rendition is Eggless. This assists with thickening and unite the fixings.
Parched Coconut-You can add a sprinkling of dried up coconut to the completed Soji.
Saffron – I love Saffron in Soji however you can skip it.
Flavorings – You can add any Nuts that you like. The ones that are most frequently utilized are Cashews, Almonds, Pistachios.
You an additionally add dried organic products like Raisins toward the start with the Ghee.
You can add flavors like Cardamom yet you could add other ground Spices like Cinnamon.
Proportion – The proportion depends on your own inclination. A well known recipe is to utilize a similar measure of margarine/ghee and sugar and multiplying the milk/water/cream.
Ghee – It is smarter to utilize Ghee since it adds a nutty flavor yet spread functions admirably as well.
Cooking the Semolina – Roasting the semolina in ghee/spread for 2 minutes over low intensity gives a scrumptious flavor.
Add fluid gradually and over low intensity – This is to keep away from it forcefully gurgling once the fluid goes into the pot.
Mix constantly – To try not to shape knots it is ideal to mix the semolina consistently with a wooden spoon.

could it at any point be made ahead?
Soji can be made as long as 2 days ahead and put away in an impenetrable holder or pot with cover. Warm in the microwave or in a pot over low intensity until warmed through.

could it at any point be frozen?

Soji can be frozen for as long as a month in a sealed shut compartment.
Soji Recipe
Soji Recipe – Soji is a rich consoling, smooth starter or treat that is served in most indian families. This is a basic recipe made withSemolina, Ghee, Sugar and Milk.


500 ml Milk
10 tbsp Condensed Milk
125 g Butter or Ghee
2 – 3 tsp Ground Cardamom
8 Saffron Strands Lightly squashed and afterward warmed in a dry container (Optional step)
130 g Fine Semolina
190 ml Water Boiled
3 tbsp Milk Powder
2 tbsp Ground Almonds
Discretionary Toppings
Toasted chipped Almonds or Cashews or Pistachios cooked in Ghee


1. Stew Milk and Condensed Milk until warm. Then put away.
2. Add Butter to a dish with cardamom and Saffron.
3. Add Semolina and cook for 2 minutes over medium high intensity.
4. Add bubbled Water and warmed Milk. Blend to streamline knots.
5. Add Milk Powder and Ground Almonds.
6. Turn heat down and stew on low for 10 – 15 minutes. Cover dish and cook for 5 minutes.
7. Disperse over chipped almonds and pistachios.

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