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                       Red Mullet Recipe

Adam Gray’s basic recipe truly allows the red mullet to sparkle, with fresh broiled skin and flawlessly cooked, flaky tissue. A spinach and squashed new potato side is all that is required, with a little added flavor from a Caesar dressing.


4 red mullet filets
100ml of rapeseed oil
500g of new potatoes
plain flour
50g of unsalted spread, mellowed
1 pack of spring onions
4 tbsp of Caesar salad dressing
200g of child spinach
1/2 lemon
1 touch of salt chips
ground white pepper


1. Start this red mullet recipe by placing the new potatoes in an enormous pan. Cover the potatoes with cold water and bring to the bubble. Lessen the intensity a tad and cook delicately until delicate, then, at that point, channel and put away until practically prepared to serve 500g of new potatoes
2. Ensure every one of the scales and pin-bones have been eliminated from the red mullet. Season the filets and delicately dust the skin side with flour. Brush with the delicate margarine 4 red mullet filets
3. Put a huge non-stick skillet over a moderate intensity and add a little rapeseed oil
50ml of rapeseed oil
4. Lay the fish in the griddle skin-side down and press down delicately utilizing a fish spatula
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5. Get a pot of heated water prepared to warm the cooked potatoes. Put them into the boiling water for 2 minutes then, at that point, channel in a colander. Return the potatoes to the pot and pulverize with a fork
6. Cut the spring onions and add them to the potatoes alongside the Caesar dressing. Blend completely
1 bundle of spring onions
4 tbsp of Caesar salad dressing
7. In a bowl, dress the child spinach leaves with a portion of the rapeseed oil
200g of child spinach
25ml of rapeseed oil
8. At the point when the fish is finished, season it with a little lemon juice and flaky ocean salt then, at that point, eliminate it to a plate so it doesn’t overcook
1/2 lemon
1 spot of salt pieces
9. To serve, put a medium-sized ring in a serving dish, then spoon in a fourth of the squashed new potatoes. Eliminate the ring and put a portion of the dressed spinach on top
10. Delicately put one filet of red mullet on top and shower the plate with a portion of the leftover rapeseed oil to embellish. Rehash with the leftover fixings and serve

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Cary Grant
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