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Ondeh Ondeh Cake Recipe

Malaysians ought to be know about Ondeh, isn’t that so? In this issue, I will make it into a cake, a little Ondeh cake with magma palm sugar filling. Pandan wipe cake is delectable with ground coconut and magma palm sugar. The pleasantness has the pungent taste of ground coconut, and the taste is exceptionally near the Ondeh. On the off chance that you honestly love Ondeh, you ought to attempt this straightforward and simple treat recipe.

Elements of Ondeh Lava Cake

I have shared the nitty gritty strategy for steamed pandan wipe cake previously, and there are different kinds of steamed cake. Have banana steamed cake, purple yam steamed cake and tips also, companions who are intrigued can look at it. The primary concern of this issue is to share creation ideas and utilize old recipes to make new treats. This time I utilized pandan concentrate to make the cake base. The variety will be greener and the taste will be more fragrant. The cake base is equivalent to previously, then again, actually the part is diminished and the shape is supplanted with a little glass bowl.

The fixings added this time is salted coconut shreds and magma palm sugar coconut. Adding some salt while broiling the ground coconut will make it taste more Lemak flavor, and it can likewise kill the pleasantness of the palm sugar so it will have a more extravagant desire when matched with it. While cooking the magma palm sugar, make sure to pour the corn starch hitter and mix well, any other way it will bunch.


Pandan Batter

o          2 Egg Yolks 1 egg with a shell around 65g

o          45 g Cake Flour

o          25 g Pandan Extract

o          10 g Milk Powder can be overlooked

o          25 g Corn Oil/Cooking Oil/Butter


o          2 Egg White

o          20 g Caster Sugar

o          0.25 tsp Lemon Juice/White Vinegar

Magma Palm Sugar Filling

o          40 g Palm Sugar

o          100 g Water

o          5 g Corn Starch

o          1 Pandan Leaf

Ground Coconut Topping

o          30 g Fresh Grated Coconut

o          0.5 tsp Salt


1.         Add a salt to the destroyed coconut and broil until fragrant in a dry dish. Put it in a bowl and let it cool for sometime in the future.

2.         Cook the palm sugar until bubbled and liquefied with water and pandan leaves, add a little water to the corn starch and blend well, then empty it into the palm sugar water and blend well. Put it in a bowl and let it cool prior to placing it in the fridge for sometime in the future.

3.         Add pandan extricate, corn oil, and egg yolk to a bowl and blend well.

4.         Add the filtered cake flour and milk powder to the egg yolk bowl, and blend until there is no dry powder.

5.         Put the egg whites into an enormous bowl liberated from oil and water, and add lemon squeeze or white vinegar.

6.         Beat the egg whites at rapid with a rush until the egg whites show up coarsely frothed, then add caster sugar in 3 bits to beat the egg whites until solid pinnacle.

7.         Scoop the meringue into the egg yolk player and blend equally.

8.         Pour the equitably blended hitter into a little bowl and use chopsticks to level the player.

9.         Put it into the bubbling liner. Close the top of the pot slantingly to leave a hole, steam on medium intensity for 20 minutes, switch off the intensity and hang tight for 2 minutes prior to taking it out.

10.       Use a little spoon to tenderly move along the form and afterward haul it out of the shape.

11.       Put the chilled magma palm sugar into the channeling pack, then embed it into the cake and press until it is full or however much you like.

Spread the ground coconut, cut a little piece of pandan leaf, and supplement the cake for improvement. The charming Ondeh cake is finished!

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Cary Grant
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