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Ngoh Hiang Recipe

Ngoh Hiang is a customary Hokkien dish that my family generally arranges when we eat out, so a couple of years prior, I was propelled to make my own, and it’s been a Lunar New Year staple from that point forward. Made with a combination of minced pork and prawns enveloped by bean curd skin, this hotdog like roll has a wonderful mix of flavors and surfaces that perks up the table. Likewise with most bubbly Chinese dishes, it very well may be viewed as a favorable tidbit. It is prepared with Chinese Five Spice powder, which represents the five gifts including life span, riches and wellbeing, and is presented with a sweet plunging sauce to address “tian mi”, or “pleasantness in your life” for the year ahead.


Make the meat filling

In a blending bowl, join every one of the fixings with the exception of the bean curd skin and sweet sauce. Blend until smooth

Set up the Ngoh Hiang

Take one piece of bean curd skin and put a frankfurter formed part of the filling on the edge nearest to you. Crease the sides over the finishes of the filling, then, at that point, roll the skin far up into the clouds from you.

You can spot the edge of the bean curd skin with water to seal freely, or place a touch of the filling combination

Steam the Ngoh Hiang

At the point when you’ve moved up all the Ngoh Hiang, steam the rolls for 12 minutes, until they’re cooked through.

Put away to cool and permit all the fluid to deplete away. As of now, you can store them in the cooler or cooler.

Broil the Ngoh Hiang

  • Heat up sufficient vegetable oil to come up to 1 inch in level in a sauté container.
  • Touch the Ngoh Hiang rolls dry outwardly, then fry the rolls (in bunches if necessary), until they’re brilliant brown and fresh everywhere, and hot as far as possible through.Plate and Serve!
  • Cut the Ngoh Hiang on the inclining, and serve close by sweet sauce right away.
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