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Northern Pacific Coast

1. Ollies Point

This right hand point break works best on low to mid tides. At elevated tide breaks truly near the ocean side, however it is as yet fun with southwest grows. Rides can happen for 400 meters and toss barrels. It is just available by boat, and you should pay a passage charge to the St Nick Rosa Public Park, $15 per individual. Just a set number of boats are permitted in the recreation area so there won’t be more than 50 individuals, yet that is a ton since there is just three segments to sit on. Without a swell the waves are just longboardable. Ensure your boat chief has consent to enter the recreation area or you could lose the $400-500 you paid for the excursion.

2. Witch’s Stone

Witchs Rock, or Roca Bruja, is inside the St Nick Rosa Public Park. The wave is open by an all wheel drive vehicle for the greater part of the year, with inadequate setting up camp – bring your own water and bug repellent. Loads of boats come in, ensure they are authorized to enter the recreation area (cost $400-500 for every boat + $15 per individual extra charge). The waves are spotless, with heaps of seaward breezes particularly from December to April. At times blasts can arrive at 25-35 mph causing upwelling, that makes the water sufficiently cold to need to bring a spring suit or 2 mm top. It gets expands from the SSW and SW and can toss barrels. Best wave size is chest high to two feet above, any greater and it will in general finish off. Best tide to ride it is mid to elevated tide. It is most jam-packed by the stone and rivermouth, yet the entire ocean side has waves. Be careful with crocs and a couple of sharks during turtle settling season.

3. The Maze

A problematic right hander that breaks at lower tides when the stones are uncovered. Can toss a mean barrel and produce a serviceable shoulder for around 60 yards before it pounds shut on the rocks. Boat access just, ensure your skipper is allowed to enter the St Nick Rosa Public Park.

4. Playa Grande

A beachbreak that works best from chest high to 3 feet above. At the point when it’s huge it will in general break way outside and afterward change around 100 yards off the ocean side. Heaps of barrels and tomfoolery areas to smack. Best tide is mid tide coming in. At dead high there’s some discharge, low tide has for the most part closeouts. The break can become generally busy from June-August and December to April, yet there are vacant tops all over the ocean side. Try not to leave stuff in that frame of mind as there is a ton of robbery. Best spot to remain is Lodging Las Tortugas, right on the break with secure stopping, extraordinary food, and a pool.

5. Tamarindo Rivermouth

The rivermouth breaks better on lower tides, and the size can look more modest from the ocean side than what it truly is. Overwhelmed by longboarders and local people, the wave can shack up and give surfers 100 yard rights.

6. Playa Tamarindo

Directly before Witchs Rock Surf Camp is the fundamental ocean side in Tamarindo where the amateurs figure out how to surf. It is generally little, knee to chest high, and when it is greater finishes off. It is best from mid to elevated tide.

7. Pico Pequeño

Right behind the Tamarindo Diria the ocean side is more slender and there are a series of rocks that go out around 150 yards. Contingent upon the swell size and tide, a wave severs the two sides of the stones, delivering lefts that go for around 200 meters or longer and freedoms around 10 meters. Look out for rocks at lower tides and novices at elevated tides. This spot is additionally restricted, so regard the request in the arrangement. Breaks best at head high to 2 feet above.

8. Playa Langosta

The waves break over a rough rack, with more sandy stretches toward the south of the rivermouth. Watch for the bubbles at lower tides to track down an empty pinnacle. Best size is chest high to 3 feet above, when it’s greater can finish off. The fundamental break is behind the Barcelo Langosta, yet they have made it almost difficult to stop close to there. You’ll track down a couple of spots to stop around 200 meters north. The freedoms during a swell with a great deal of west in it can go for north of 200 meters. The groups are a piece lighter here because of the unfortunate access, yet the Barcelo visitors think they own the pinnacle, and local people don’t surrender many waves.

9. Avellanas – Little Hawaii

At the northern finish of Playa Avellanas, far beyond the rivermouth, are a progression of rock offshoots that at the right tide produce a few incredible lefthanders. It’s best when numerous different spots are finishing off in light of the fact that it is too enormous. Exceptionally remote so don’t get harmed, and don’t leave your stuff unattended.


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