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Nimona Recipe

Matar ka nimona recipe with bit by bit photographs – simple to plan delightful UP style matar ka nimona recipe. A veggie lover recipe.

This is a sauce like dish ready with new green peas, onions, tomatoes and flavors. I have likewise added potatoes yet they are discretionary.

Matar ka nimona is a famous recipe that is ready in many families in Uttar Pradesh. Consistently during winters I plan different recipes with matar and this matar ka nimona is one of them. Indeed now we are in blistering summers and I am sharing this recipe which has been in the drafts for a really long time.

It is generally ready in winters as that time new peas are gathered. Matar ka nimona tastes best with new green peas. However you can utilize frozen green peas in the event that you can’t get new green peas.

Recipe is extremely simple and uses the ordinary Indian flavors and spices. This matar ka nimona recipe gives you one of the most delicious nimona and can be savored with chapatis, bread or rice or pooris.

Step by step instructions to make matar ka nimona

1. In a processor or blender container, take ½ cup hacked onions, ½ teaspoon slashed ginger, 1 teaspoon cleaved garlic and 2 green chilies (hacked).

2. Mix to a semi fine or smooth glue without adding any water. Eliminate the onion glue and keep to the side.

3. In a similar processor container, add 1 cup matar (green peas).

4. Drudgery to a coarse glue. Add no water while crushing. Keep to the side.

5. Take 2 tablespoons mustard oil in a container and intensity till it starts to smoke.

6. Bring down the fire and add ¾ cup cleaved potato solid shapes.

7. Start to saute the potatoes on a low to medium fire.

8. Saute till the potatoes are brilliant. Eliminate on kitchen paper towels. Keep to the side.

9. In a similar container, add 1 tej patta (Indian cove leaf), 3 cloves and ½ teaspoon cumin seeds. Allow the flavors to snap and splutter.

10. Presently add the ground onion glue.

11. Blend well and start to saute mixing frequently.

12. Saute till you see oil setting free from the sides and the glue becomes knotty and begins gathering around itself.

13. Presently add ⅓ cup finely cleaved tomatoes.

14. Blend well and start to saute the tomatoes.

15. Saute till the tomatoes relax and become soft.

16. Then add ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder, ½ teaspoon Kashmiri red bean stew powder, ½ teaspoon coriander powder and a touch of asafoetida (hing).

17. Blend the flavor powders very well with the onion-tomato combination.

18. Presently add the coarsely ground new peas.

19. Blend the green peas in with the remainder of the onion-tomato masala.

20. Mixing frequently saute for 2 minutes.

21. Then add 3 tablespoons cleaved coriander leaves. Blend once more.

22. Add 1.5 to 2 cups water. You can add less or more water as required.

23. Season with salt.

24. Blend quite well.

25. Cover the container with a top and stew till the green peas are cooked. This takes around 10 to 11 minutes on a low to medium fire.

26. In the middle between do check and mix. Assuming the water looks less, you can add some more water. In the event that wanting to serve matar ka nimona with chapatis, you can add less water. On the off chance that wanting to present with rice, you can add somewhat more water.

27. When the sauce is finished, you will see oil drifting on top and the peas will be cooked.

28. Presently add the seared potatoes and ¼ to ½ teaspoon garam masala powder.

29. Blend quite well and cook briefly.

30. Finally add 2 tablespoons cleaved coriander leaves.

31. Blend well.

32. Serve matar ka nimona hot with rotis, pooris or steamed rice. you can decorate with some coriander leaves while serving. Some lemon wedges can likewise be presented with matar ka nimona.

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