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Mutton Pulao Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Mutton Pulao Meat cooked with rice and flavors. This lamb pulao recipe with the smell of peppercorns, cardamom and cinnamon.

Elements of Mutton Pulao

350 gm sheep/sheep –

 cleaves pricked2 cups rice –

 washed and soaked4

 dark cardamoms1 tsp


entire red chillies6


inch piece cinnamon-broken roughly4 tbsp

 ghee1 cup

 onions – cut uniformly1 ts

p salt1 tsp

kashmiri stew powder1 tsp

all zest – powdered2 cups

high temp water – for the ricePinch of food tone

Step by step instructions to Make Mutton Pulao

1.Heat the ghee in a skillet and add the cardamom, peppercorns, red chillies and cloves.

2.When they obscure a little, add the onions and cook till transparent.

3.Add the meat, salt and stew powder, all spice.4

.Stir fry till meat is dark and add two cups of water.

5.Bring to a bubble and lower the intensity and cook covered till meat is tender.

6.Strain the meat and keep aside.

7.Measure the fluid and make up to three cups by adding hot water.

8.Mix fluid, meat and rice together.

9.Bring to a bubble, bring down the intensity and cook covered for five minutes.

10.Sprinkle the variety in a path and keep on cooking covered for seven minutes. Serve hot.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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