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NatHERS Update: What’s New on the Block?

NatHERs (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) is a sustainability program that rates homes on a scale of one to ten based on how proficient the house is in terms of its energy usability. NatHERs has been trying to bring in a scope of measurement for Australia to be able to keep track of energy efficiency.

The idea behind the formation of this program was to help make Australian houses more comfortable for residents and also help people save on utility bills.

 Good and sustainable designs of new-age homes have the ability to reduce the overall energy required to maintain the cooling and heating effects at little or no additional expenses.

In this article, you will get a clear insight into how NatHERS is implementing its assessment and what new updates it has invoked.

What is the NatHERS Assessment?

Before stepping forward with realising the updates on NatHERS, let’s try and understand the concept of its approach in the first place. NatHERS assessment consists of using accredited software, which is then used for determining the specific rating associated with energy efficiency.

A professional assessor appointed by the authority will be running this verification and will then be providing a proper certification that will be universally acceptable.

The use of such a certificate will help provide the respective authorities with information related to the specific design features of a property, the materials being used, and the approach being used for generating the star rating.

Some of the things that the NatHERS assessment includes are:

Energy Rating:

Thermal efficiency or energy efficiency rating is termed to be the most accurate indication of how much cooling or heating will be required to keep your property comfortable.

A licensed software will be used to indicate a profound efficiency in terms of saving energy.

Remember that this software will not be giving out the actual energy consumption rate of the property because that will somehow be altered based on the appliances installed post-construction and occupancy.  


The next thing that the NatHERS certificate would have is the star’s impression, which would tell how energy-efficient a property is on a scale of 1 to 10.

For instance, if a house or dwelling in Australia has been rated 0 in an assessment by NatHERS, it means the property offers no form of insulation from the temperature outside.

On the other hand, if a dwelling has been rated with 10 stars, it means you will feel comfortable within the house, irrespective of whether it’s too cold or too hot outside.

In short, the more the stars, the better will be the energy efficiency, leading you to consume less of those energy-intensive appliances.

What are Some of the Updates Associated with the NatHERS Assessment?

There have been some form of updates implemented to the NatHERS assessment, which is a timely initiative taken to enhance the measurement proficiency of the authority. Some of the recent news or updates on the block are:

Permission to Continue Using the Older Software

A newer version of the NatHERS software has definitely been launched. But, there have been provisions made to enable the use of the older version as well. It is proposed to make a blanket approach for the older version, and almost all territories and states have agreed to it.

All software providers, alongside CSIRO, have given their confirmation that they will be able to operate or provide two varying software versions at the same time.

Upon the validation of the jurisdiction, the NatHERS assessors can also acquire a written statement permitting the use of NCC 2019 alongside NCC 2022. This statement will be issued by the local building regulators.

New Technical Advice for the NatHERS Assessors

Based on an update on the technical aspects, considering the recent note on Thermal Bridging Guidance, the handbook meant for the professionals to approach the NatHERS assessment is being revised and will be made available to them by January 2024.

As of now, the current handbook for the assessors helps the experts with advice on making transitions to 7-star thermal ratings at minimum. However, there will be significant changes made to the handbook for scaling the definition of energy efficiency for Australian dwellings.

Accreditation Update of the Software

All of the commercial tools have undergone accreditation with respect to thermal performance certificates or ratings.

It means all of the commercial tools, such as BERS Pro, FirstRate5, AccuRate Home, and others, can now be used for various regulatory purposes to demonstrate the 7-star requirement compliance under NCC 2022.

All the software applications associated with the accreditation of Whole of Home are now being processed and are presumed to be completed by October 2023. Training sessions are now being curated for the assessors to use these accredited software solutions.

Launch of a Learning Hub for the Builders

A Learning Hub is now introduced to support all the building professionals in creating more energy-efficient and sustainable Australian homes.

This initiative by NatHERS is ideal for all the builders as they can access learning resources for free and have all the key links by the government in hand.

Relevant industry training resources are also live, alongside giving them access to the community networks.

There’s a six-module series in the webinar form, namely ‘Net Zero Homes’, for the builders to get in-depth details on energy efficiency development. The builders will also be able to access various case studies from different parts of Australia.


NatHERS is inclined towards making Australia a better place for people to live in. For that, energy consumption, sustainable practices, and lowered utility bills are collective approaches to help achieve the goals.

With these updates, NatHERS intends to scale its proficiency in terms of validating the energy efficiencies of various properties or dwellings around Australia.

This authority tends to promote the benefits of boosting the thermal effectiveness of the homes and ensures people don’t have to pay too much premium for such constructions.

If you are about to get a new property built anywhere in Australia or are about to buy a resale home, get a NatHERS assessment for the same to be part of their sustainability and energy efficiency goals.

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