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Mexican Candy Shot Recipe

This Mexican Candy Shot recipe is a beverage enhanced with watermelon pucker and tequila. Including a hint of hot sauce and a bean stew lime salt covered edge, will clearly charm your tastebuds. Make this watermelon paleta went for a Cinco De Mayo celebration or any season.

Assuming you are needing fiery beverages, we have you covered with this Mexican treats shot recipe. For additional shot recipes, attempt this Grasshopper shot, a half mint, half chocolate shot. Or on the other hand make our notorious beverage, the Baby Yoda Cocktail.

Two shot glasses of Mexican treats shot with a cut of watermelon.


The Mexican treats shot, at times likewise called a Mexican candy sweets shot or paleta shot, will turn into your new most loved shot! It is stacked with a one of a kind flavor profile that simply makes me mouth water mulling over everything.

It’s hot, yet additionally sweet and pungent simultaneously because of the edge of the glass being plunged into tajin, which is a very delicious stew lime salt.

Changing around a portion of the parts on this shot by various kinds of a portion of the ingredients is entertaining. Rather than schnapps, natural product juices can be utilized all things being equal. You will just need 1/2 an ounce of natural product juice. Evaluate mango juice, strawberry juice, watermelon juice, raspberry juice, or guava juice.

You could in fact mix up watermelon organic product truly fine in a blender to use in this beverage.

Whether it’s a bar-b-que, evening gathering, celebration or just to live it up, these will be famous beverages regardless of how you make them.


This exemplary mixed drink has been around for quite a while. It began down in Mexico, where it was presumably made with the natural product juices, and around the bordertowns, similar to El Paso, Texas.

Above perspective on two shot glasses of Mexican sweets shot with a cut of watermelon and pink towel.


The name of this drink is dependent on a Mexican hard treats candy (or paleta) that you get down in Mexico called a Vero Rebanaditas paletas con chile. Paleta implies candy, yet can likewise mean popsicle. This candy is a Mexican watermelon candy that is covered in bean stew powder. It in all actuality does likewise come in Vero Elotes, which is strawberry enhanced and Vero Mango, which is clearly mango.

Assuming that you have never attempted them, I suggest them, I’ve eaten them my entire life. The stew powder can be somewhat overpowering for somebody who has not had it on a candy previously. In the event that you could do without it you can constantly wash some of it off. Certain individuals like to lick only one side of the bean stew powder off first, so they get the natural product joined with the bean stew flavors.


This Mexican sweets shot makes certain to be a champ, with it’s heavenly mix of flavors. It is fruity and sweet with a slight kick of hotness, sort of a medium intensity. The hot flavors comes from the Tajin and the hot sauce.


This Mexican treats shot with tequila can really be made a couple various ways. However, the manner in which we make it here is genuinely direct and has loads of fruity flavors. Thus, the fundamental fixings included are dependably natural product squeezes or organic product schnapps, hot sauce, and liquor (like tequila, rum, or vodka). The complete time it takes to make one is a couple of moments.

Very close of a shot glass of Mexican sweets shot with a couple of cuts of watermelon.


I express go with your number one hot sauce, anything you typically prefer to eat on your Mexican food or have in your cooler. My go to is Tapatio, I like the unobtrusive bean stew flavor it has, it’s has a pleasant equilibrium of zest. Cholula is another that we truly like, simply don’t utilize the chipotle seasoned one.


Once more, similar to the hot sauce, picked your #1 tequila. Silver Tequila, otherwise called white, platinum, or blanco tequila is just matured for half a month and is the spending plan well disposed choice. It’s perfect to use in blended mixed drinks since it doesn’t decrease different flavors in the beverage.

In the event that purchasing gold tequila ensure it is made with 100 percent agave, if not it might have caramel shading and sugar added to emulate agave tequila. Gold tequila is perfect in shots, since it is smoother and somewhat better than white tequila.


Here are the essential elements for this Mexican paleta shot recipe. Everything will be recorded in the recipe card underneath.


You will require a little squeeze from a new lime or simply use water to dunk the edge in with the goal that the Tajin will stick.

Tajin preparing:

 This is utilized for the edge of the shot glass.


I selected watermelon pucker schnapps to mirror that watermelon candy flavor.


Use your number one tequila. You will require 1 oz tequila.

Hot sauce:

Use your number one hot sauce. Simply a smidgen of Tabasco, Tapatio or Cholula hot sauces.

Every one of the fixings expected to make Mexican sweets shot like lime juice, watermelon schnapps, and hot sauce.

Step by step instructions to MAKE MEXICAN CANDY SHOT

  • First thing is to plunge the edge of the shot glass or shot glasses in a little lime juice.
  • Then, plunge the edge of your shot glass into a plate that is canvassed in some tajin. Put away.
  • In a shaker with ice shapes, join tequila, watermelon schnapps, and hot sauce. Shake well for somewhere around 10 seconds.
  • Empty the combination into a little glass or shot glass.
  • Add a watermelon wedge or lime wedge as an enhancement.
  • Bit by bit guidelines on the most proficient method to make paleta shot.


  • Sugared edge. Rather than Tajin for the edge of the shot glass, you could utilize white sugar.
  • Use juice. Leave out the schnapps and use juice all things considered. Utilize 1/2 oz watermelon juice, strawberry juice, guava juice, or raspberry juice.
  • Different seasoned schnapps. You could utilize an alternate kind of pucker rather than the watermelon. There is strawberry schnapps, mango schnapps,
  • Make it a Mexican treats drink. Twofold or triple the fixings and pour this over ice to make it into a beverage rather than a shot.
  • Add a little straightforward syrup. On the off chance that the beverage isn’t sweet enough you could add a sprinkle of straightforward syrup to the other fixings in the shaker.
  • Mexican treats shot with rum. Utilize 1 oz rum in the spot of the tequila.
  • Mexican sweets shot with vodka. Utilize 1 oz vodka rather than tequila.
  • Mexican treats shot with chamoy. Make your own chamoy or get some at the store. Put the chamoy on the edge and go on with the remainder of the recipe.
  • Mango Mexican sweets shot. For a mango enhanced shot, I would include 1/2 oz mango juice and 1/2 oz strawberry juice rather than the watermelon schnapps.

As often as possible ASKED QUESTIONS

What’s in a Mexican Lollipop Drink? This Mexican treats shot is made of tequila, watermelon pucker, and hot sauce.

What do paleta shots consist of?

Paleta shots can be made with new natural product juice like watermelon squeeze or mixed watermelon. This paleta shot is made with tequila, pucker, and hot sauce.

Do I want a mixed drink shaker to make this drink?

While it’s anything but a prerequisite to have a mixed drink shaker, you will require something to shake the fixings over ice. I have utilized different things throughout the prior years getting a shaker. You could utilize a bricklayer container with a tight fitting cover. Or on the other hand even a Yeti tumbler with a top, simply utilize a paper towel to cover the little opening.

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