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Maids Of Honour Recipe

These Maids of Honor return me to my most memorable bread kitchen I had, a woman came in one day and said she had a cake as a youngster yet couldn’t recall what it was called. I said might you at any point depict it and she did to the best her memory would permit.

I had no idea what she was referring to, By sheer happenstance the chap who I had bought the shop from came in at that point and he knew immediately what she needed, indeed, they’re Maids of Honor. From that day on we made them in the shop and 30 years some other time when I opened my pastry kitchen in Spain they went straight on the day to day menu.

I’ve been resigned now for quite a long time and haven’t made one since, so to check whether I might in any case make it happen, here’s the outcome.

For the shortening in the cake it is by all accounts what to utilize Trex, Cookeen and other such vegetable fats, I for one generally stick run of the mill Lard. My cake recipe is 50/50 Butter and Lard.

The man I bought the shop from gave me his recipe which I have utilized all my functioning life, with the exception of I transformed a certain something, the Jam. His recipe called for Raspberry Jam yet I generally use Strawberry Jam.

The explanation I have a repugnance for Raspberry jam is this. My shop in Leeds was exceptionally close to the Moorhouse’s Jam Factory and the gossip had it that during the conflict, natural product was in extremely short stock. The gossip went that laborers at the processing plant said a ton of the jam was produced using Sugar Beet and Turnip, shaded red and on account of the Raspberry Jam wooden seeds were added for realness.

So that is the explanation I never liked Raspberry Jam in the wake of hearing that. Senseless when I think back, however I was youthful and receptive.

I trust you’ll try this tragically missing #1 out, with cup of tea it rolls out an improvement from the old Ginger bread roll. One little tip, don’t overdo it with the jam any other way it’ll bubble out and ruin your bun tins.


For the baked good cases

•             125 g plain flour

•             30 g fat or any vegetable shortening like Trex

•             30 g margarine relaxed

•             2 tbsp cold water

•             12 teaspoons jam anything flavor you like, I normally use Strawberry.

For the filling

•             Jam of your decision

•             50 g sugar caster

•             50 g spread delicate

•             1 egg medium

•             50 g self-raising flour filtered


1.            Preheat broiler to 190º C/gas 5

Make the baked good

1.            Sift the flour into an open bowl and focus on the spread and shortening utilizing your fingers until it seems to be breadcrumbs.

2.            Sprinkle over the virus water and unite the batter either with a wooden spoon or your hands. Add a smidgen more water on the off chance that it seems dry, assuming that it breaks effectively, it ought to feel somewhat clammy yet not wet. Enclose by clingfilm and rest in the cooler for 20 minutes or something like that.

3.            Once laid carry out on a floured surface to around 2-3 mm thick. Remove circles to line your tart tins, press in tenderly then pop a teaspoon of jam into every one. Similarly as though you were making Jam Tarts. Try not to exaggerate the jam or you’ll get bubbling out during the baking.

Make the fixing

1.            Simply put everything into a bowl and beat with an electric blender briefly or so into a player.

2.            Drop an insufficient tablespoon of the hitter into each jam tart then, at that point, prepare for 15 – 20 minutes until the wipe is brilliant.

3.            When cool enough to deal with, eliminate from the skillet onto a wire cooling rack.

Paul’s TipsI as a rule make how much cake in the Food Processor, it’s so fast. Add the fat and flour, virtuoso till piece like then, at that point, add the water, Use an estimating spoon not one from your cutlery draw similar to various sizes. Star again until the items structure a ball.If you don’t have self-raising flour see my way to make your own

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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