Friday, December 2, 2022

Jenzabar’s Student Information Systems Evolution to A Multi-Product Platform

Jenzabar Inc. launched an end-to-end suite of communication and collaboration tools created to enable contemporary, seamless experiences for all students across several institutions. The suite is an upgrade to its student information systems

There is no doubt that Jenzabar has evolved over the years, and in this article, we will look at Jenzabar’s evolution into a multi-product platform.

Jenzabar’s Student Information Systems Evolution

Jenzabar was founded with love for learning and a keen eye for technology, and it provides innovative, cutting-edge software solutions and services that support student information systems and helps higher education institutions in meeting contemporary learners’ needs. 

For better performance across campus and a more individualized and connected experience for the student, over 1,350 higher education institutions use Jenzabar solutions.

Jenzabar is a leading technology innovator in higher education, serving the new student. Jenzabar Communications, integrated within the company’s award-winning higher education technology platform Jenzabar One, allows organizations to create and manage digital profiles that track constituents’ interactions and engagement activities over the course of their lives.

Institutions need cutting-edge technologies that let staff connect with student information systems through their preferred channels as the higher education landscape changes.

Jenzabar Communications helps organizations remove communication barriers, connect various university departments, and provide unique learning opportunities for today’s students. Jenzabar Communications now has improved capabilities, including the capacity to:

Enable two-way, real-time communication between employees and customers.

  • Text and communicate with mobile devices.
  • Use popular email programs directly through Jenzabar One.
  • To find trends and increase deliverability, record, monitor, and analyze emails.
  • Access a single feed of the most recent conversations and engagement histories with campus constituents ok student information systems.
  • Access internal feedback on constituent interaction histories.

Due to the ever-transforming landscape in institutions, institutions need cutting-edge solutions that enable staff to reach students on their preferred channels. 

Jenzabar Communications now provides the full range of bells and whistles institutions need to increase openness, disseminate critical information among teams, and create more constituent participation in the student’s information system.

Jenzabar’s Cloud Evolution

Jenzabar researched the products and services of the top international cloud service providers before settling on IBM Cloud. All the elements critical to making IBM Cloud its first option have stayed in place, including the IBM methodology, delivery system, client interface, and ability to scale. 

Jenzabar is now transitioning its client environments to a private VMware vSphere virtualization infrastructure operating on IBM Cloud bare metal servers to increase resilience and flexibility.

Clients also have access to an extremely quick recovery system that uses a second data center as part of our standard service. We are building up site-to-site replication across the IBM Cloud with VMware Site Recovery Manager. 

The additional security and privacy benefits of being hosted in a completely private cloud are available to our clients without increasing their expenses, thanks to our new strategy on IBM Cloud bare metal servers.

Jenzabar can provide great performance and resilience for data and applications by utilizing numerous high-speed connections. Jenzabar provides IBM Cloud Direct Link, enabling clients to establish private connections between their remote network environments and their IBM Cloud deployments to enable hybrid workloads for the highest standards in throughput, security, and low latency. 

For its clients’ ERP systems, Jenzabar continues to use IBM Cloud Block Storage and IBM Cloud File Storage to store live and backed-up data. The business employs these IBM Cloud functionalities through its Managed Services subsidiary to offer clients backup as a service. 

Whether they employ Jenzabar’s SIS solutions, educational institutions use the service to back up and recover all systems, from on-premise servers and workstations to executive laptops.

Because offsite backup and retention are essential in defending against crypto-locker and ransomware software, the cloud is projected as a backup-as-a-service to anyone in higher education as part of a cyber-security offering.

Jenzabar can restore any client’s workloads to fresh VMware virtual machines on IBM Cloud because it backs up by taking whole system pictures. This offers clients a full disaster recovery as a service option. 

This service is especially advantageous in the price-constrained higher education sector because clients no longer need to maintain duplicate on-premise gear that may never be used.